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Being Lazy

Here I am still in me jammies.
Rich is asleep....but then he had to get up early to go to physical therapy.
Ryan and Emily are still in their jammies.
Kristin is still asleep...well maybe she is awake.
I don't know.
She hasn't shown her face yet.
At least the three of us that are down here have eaten breakfast.
We are putting up the tree today.
Having a fake tree used to be a crime in my mind.
After freezing to the bone one year and just picking the first one we saw, I decided fake is the way to go.
That and I was real tired of all the needles.
Ours is long paid for.
We can put it up on "Black Friday"
And take it down on New Years Day.
It looks the same.
I guess I better get dressed.
Then I can make my children do the same.

Thank You Letters

Today's post was inspired by a bloggy friend of mine, Laura over at The Bignell Family.  She wrote thank you letters to her family and even her little "peanut" growing each day in her cute baby belly!  This post is also part of Jenny's Thursday writing prompt.  If you have a moment to link up between basting the turkey and watching the parade go here.

Dear Rich,

Thank you for being a good Daddy, and a good husband.  Thank you for supporting me in my hobby.  Thank you for working hard to keep your family fed and sheltered.  I love you.

Wife Lady.

Dear Kristin,

Thank you for your bright sweet spirit.  Thank you for helping out in all the ways you do.  Thank you for letting me take naps when I need to.  Thanks for making me laugh.


Dear Emily,

Thank you for being such a sweet girl,  thank you for being a good helper.  I love it when you play nicely with your brother.  I love how you are so silly and free.


Dear Ryan,

Thank you for your hugs, your fun…

DWTS The Finals

It is the finals.  Is it just me, or did this season go by way too fast?  And what a weird season it has been.  Usually the drama goes on behind the scenes, but this year it seems to be taking place...LIVE!  The elimination if Audrinna was a surprise to us all, but the Brandy shocker of last week had some folks reeling.  Tonight is the night of the redemption dances.  This is where the couple gets to redeem themselves from that disaster they had.  They also each get tutored by one of the judges.  This to me is really fun.  Kyle and Lacey are graced with head judge Len Goodman.  He teaches Kyle about posture and holds.  Amazing the difference it makes.

Kyle and Lacey's "redemption" dance is the Foxtrot.  Lacey decides to take a more traditional approach.  This foxtrot is the dance of finalists for sure!  I really was impressed with them. Len said,  "I tried to help you, I'm not a miracle worker.  People spend a lifetime trying to master it, and you came out much…

New Shoes, Drano, DWTS

No this is not my recap....that is tomorrow!  But I did watch...of course I watched.  Are you kidding me!  All I will say is if you missed it, come back tomorrow and you will feel like you didn't!

I couldn't get through for almost the whole time allotted for phone calls.  It was making me crazy.  I kept yelling at the phone.  "All circuits are busy."  "OH SHUT UP!"  Three tones and then, "The number you have dialed has been disconnected." "Oh no it hasn't!"  Busy.  "CRAP!"  It was making me get ugly.  But I finally managed to get through.  Even Rich was voting!

The kids got shoes.  Yippee.  Of course it helped that Payless is having a BOGO sale.  Ryan's shoes were falling apart and too small and wow Emily was wearing shoes that had to be pinching her poor feet!  Kristin's shoes were falling apart too and she needed a larger size, but I think she was the best off.  But that was a good thing.  New shoes all around.  P…

What Are You Doing?

Since we moved back to California, I have been the host home for Thanksgiving.  It works perfectly.  My mom and I share the labors and the clean ups.  Last year was a big Thanksgiving.  We had 19 for dinner and later 22 for dessert.  Yeah it was a crazy busy house.  And for someone with high anxiety that is a major accomplishment.  I enjoyed it.   So much so, that we are doing it again this year.  But our numbers will be smaller.  We are going to have 17 this year.  I know...big difference right?  But that is not all.  Nope...there IS more.  We are splitting the work three ways! 

This year my dear BF, Emmy and her family will be having Thanksgiving dinner with us.  She is in charge of the turkey, gravy, some pies, and I know there is something else.  My mom is the rolls, yams, fruit salad, pies, bean casserole and hot slaw.  Me?  I am potatoes, pies (yeah lots of pies!) stuffing and wait is that it?  Oh yeah, it's at my house.    Whew.   I am excited and looking forward to it.  W…