Monday, November 22, 2010

What Are You Doing?

Since we moved back to California, I have been the host home for Thanksgiving.  It works perfectly.  My mom and I share the labors and the clean ups.  Last year was a big Thanksgiving.  We had 19 for dinner and later 22 for dessert.  Yeah it was a crazy busy house.  And for someone with high anxiety that is a major accomplishment.  I enjoyed it.   So much so, that we are doing it again this year.  But our numbers will be smaller.  We are going to have 17 this year.  I know...big difference right?  But that is not all.  Nope...there IS more.  We are splitting the work three ways! 

This year my dear BF, Emmy and her family will be having Thanksgiving dinner with us.  She is in charge of the turkey, gravy, some pies, and I know there is something else.  My mom is the rolls, yams, fruit salad, pies, bean casserole and hot slaw.  Me?  I am potatoes, pies (yeah lots of pies!) stuffing and wait is that it?  Oh yeah, it's at my house.    Whew.   I am excited and looking forward to it.  We also will be feeding our missionaries.  So it is good we will have all the extra pie! 

On Thanksgiving it is normal to have the parade on.  Of course, I usually miss it since I am mostly in the kitchen.  Maybe this year I can see more of it.  More time to clean. I always thought there should be a FRIENDS marathon with all of their Thanksgiving shows!  Wouldn't that be fun???

What are you doing Thursday?  What are your traditions?

Now....hop on over to Metabolism Blues....I have some questions there too!


Rachel said...

Sounds like you guys will have a great time! We are going to my mom's sister's house. I'm in charge of two pies and the sweet potatoes.

Cherie said...

Sorry I haven't been by I have been crazy busy! So I had to laugh when your blog title said "what are you doing!!" Ha Ha
We have Thanksgiving at my house every year. I love having it at home. This year my kids will all be home and we will have Grandma and Grandpa so we will have 11 this year (possibly 12 my son might be bringing a friend home) but about every other year we have extended family here and boy is that a big party.
My husband does the turkey every year and I pretty much do everything else - this year I am recruiting my girls to help - One is married and one is engaged so those girls need to learn how to make all the Holiday foods.
I love making pies, mashed potatoes, yams, and rolls - those are my specialties :-D
We usually have a Turkey bowl Thanksgiving morning where the guys all get together with friends and play football after the turkey is in.
We always go see a movie together over the weekend and CARDS we play lots and lots of cards!
Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Emmy said...

17? Sounds like we lost a couple. Oh well more turkey for the rest of us. Yes it should be crazily fun :)

Debbie said...

The Friends idea is great. I miss that show. Remember Rachel's trifle?
Dropped by from SITS to say hi.

Nicole said...

Awe, a Friends marathon would be splendid! Another good show is Everybody Loves Raymond. They usually have that marathon going.

I'm not sure I'll ever get my go at making a turkey. We always go to my Aunt's house and she does it. Which is good b/c she lives 5 1/2 hrs away. We get there just in time to eat.

blueviolet said...

I used to watch the parades faithfully! Now I am very much into watching Christmas movies on Thanksgiving!!!

Laura said...

I love big holiday gatherings!! We will be going to my mother in law's for lunch and then to my brother and sister in law's for a ...later lunch. Glad I'm pregnant so I don't feel bad for eating all day! :)

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

mormonhermitmom said...

Looks like we'll be at the inlaws this year - beats having Thanksgiving at Denny's. :)

Aubree said...

i always end up going to my cousin's house, thanksgiving is my favorite holiday

have a great time! :D

Nikki said...

Yaye That sounds like such a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! I hope you guys have a great one! On Thursday me and Martin have the tradition of going to the parade in city and then having dinner with his parents. Then Friday I have to work, blah, and then that night we're heading to Jersey to have more thanksgivings with my parents and aunts etc. I can't wait! i'm in charge of butternut squash soup and the pies this year! I'm making pumpkin and apple. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Lourie! won the handmade soap giveaway! I can ship you out your Ginger soap this week! I'll send you an email with details.

Amy said...

What fun! This will be my first year ever of hosting Thanksgiving. Granted it will just be my little family and two of our friends, but still. I am excited. And good for you for splitting the work up so wonderfully!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

You do a wonderful job including many in your Thanksgiving. Thanks for stopping by.