Friday, November 26, 2010

Being Lazy

Here I am still in me jammies.
Rich is asleep....but then he had to get up early to go to physical therapy.
Ryan and Emily are still in their jammies.
Kristin is still asleep...well maybe she is awake.
I don't know.
She hasn't shown her face yet.
At least the three of us that are down here have eaten breakfast.
We are putting up the tree today.
Having a fake tree used to be a crime in my mind.
After freezing to the bone one year and just picking the first one we saw, I decided fake is the way to go.
That and I was real tired of all the needles.
Ours is long paid for.
We can put it up on "Black Friday"
And take it down on New Years Day.
It looks the same.
I guess I better get dressed.
Then I can make my children do the same.


Amy said...

Hey, you had a big day yesterday of cooking and eating, and visiting. You deserve a day off. Go in jammies all day long, bake cookies to eat while the tree is being set up and make memories. That is what today is all about, right? Relaxing from gorging your stomach?

Anonymous said...

I love my fake trees. I can't deal with the shedding needles and keeping the real ones watered.

Linda Medrano said...

I really wish my confessions could be as lovely as yours. But they never will be. Staying in the jammy's till 2 PM is not a sin!

Nicole said...

We have a fake tree too. When I lived with my parents we used to do the real thing, and eventually finding one that didn't fall over was difficult so we eventually quit and I think my sophomore year of high school my parents bought a fake tree. Our tree is fake too, but that's ok for now :)

Emmy said...

I totally used to think the same thing about fake trees but yes, it really is nice being able to have it up for a long time. And especially the day after Thanksgiving you have to be lazy :)

Jenny said...

This sounds like a wonderful, cozy day!