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Girls Trip

I got the inspiration to do a "girls trip" last month.  It had to be simple as we are strapped for cash.  I also would like for it to be a tradition from now on.  I just made a simple plan of getting a hotel close to the beach we like to frequent and going there for the night and going to the beach the next morning.  It seemed simple enough.  I made the reservations through  It wasn't the grandest of hotels, but it had a pool, but wait...the pool was closed for repairs.  No biggie, it would be open before we were going to be there.  It was all set.  The girls were excited, and yes I was excited too.

First the girls had to test the beds.  They were good.  After a while we decided swimming was in order.  Those plans were quickly dashed as the pool was closed for repairs.  Wasn't that supposed to be done by now?  Well, we were hungry and needed some supplies for the night so we went to dinner and to Target.  I got cash back at Target, which I promptly lost …

Ten Things ~~July

It's time to share what made me smile this month.  Which means two things:  I am blogging!  And I am linking up with my besite Emmy!
1.   I know I saw it last month...but I saw it again.  It bears repeating.
2.  How about glow stick bowling???   We did that!
3.    More than once in the month of July I was hit on by strange men.  This old gal still has it!
4.   Having a tiny (okay BIG) Geek Attack over the pure genius of this man's brilliance!  Watch.  Enjoy.
5.    I actually saw a lot of movies in July...I mean besides Man of Steel.  I also saw:  The Lone Ranger...Awesome.  And White House Down.  (got to see that one for free)  
6.   My mom and I like to go to lunch, and lately we have been inviting friends.  That has been fun.
7.   We went swimming a couple of times this month and Ryan and Emily who were both previously very timid swimmers suddenly were all over the pool.
8.  Seeing my bestie is always something to smile about!! Photo By Emmy
9.  My family took my mom out fo…