Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Girls Trip

I got the inspiration to do a "girls trip" last month.  It had to be simple as we are strapped for cash.  I also would like for it to be a tradition from now on.  I just made a simple plan of getting a hotel close to the beach we like to frequent and going there for the night and going to the beach the next morning.  It seemed simple enough.  I made the reservations through Hotels.com.  It wasn't the grandest of hotels, but it had a pool, but wait...the pool was closed for repairs.  No biggie, it would be open before we were going to be there.  It was all set.  The girls were excited, and yes I was excited too.

First the girls had to test the beds.  They were good.  After a while we decided swimming was in order.  Those plans were quickly dashed as the pool was closed for repairs.  Wasn't that supposed to be done by now?  Well, we were hungry and needed some supplies for the night so we went to dinner and to Target.  I got cash back at Target, which I promptly lost either in the store itself or the parking lot.  I guess someone else needed my $30 more than we did.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries for dinner.  It was really tasty.  After that we headed back to Target again because I forgot a few things.  Then back to the hotel for silliness and games.

Blind folded make overs

Improv which was silly and caused lots of giggling.

Some really disgusting feet from the hotel floor...yes the floor!!!

After a long night, we got up and had our fabulous muffin breakfast and packed up to head to the beach. Emily and I left our pillows behind.  Ooops.  The beach was fantastic, and the weather was just right.

I went on a little adventure....

I walked from one end of  the beach to the other....and got some really fun and cool pics.

This rock ended up being almost covered by water and waves by the time we left.

Everyone hiding under their towels to see the pictures they took.  The bird?  That is a One Direction thing.  

The beach was a lot of fun.  As we prepared to head home, I put my address into google maps and chose my route without looking real closely.  It took me home by way of toll roads.  It was a nicer ride and almost without traffic until I got the dreaded 91.  However, the tolls cost me $12.75 and the last bridge I did not have cash for.  Luckily I was able to pay it online.  Despite our little hiccups throughout the trip, our adventure was quite fun, and I definitely want to do it again next year. I guess I better start saving my pennies now.


Amy said...

What a fun idea! I would like to do this with my daughters some day. Looks like it was a party, and what sweet memories you are creating with your girls.

Emmy said...

Totally going to steal this idea to do with Alex someday when she is more pre-teen age, so much fun!
So annoying about the pool... and the cash... and the pillows.. and the toll roads.
But hey- I bet you won't have those problems again next time!

Glad you had fun despite all the craziness.

mormonhermitmom said...

Looks you like had fun despite some hiccups!

Angie said...

That sounds like some serious girl fun! I've got 3 kiddos and I've been trying to think of ways to do one on one days with them. I think it's so important!

Nicole said...

Oh I bet you guys had a blast but that hotel floor... yuck!