Friday, June 4, 2010

Confessions of a Shattered Mind

I am a dreamer.  I like to pretend I am a guest on Ellen.  Wouldn't you just love to shoot the breeze with her?  I also will in turn pretend that I am the cool talk show host who gets to interview everyone. Wouldn't you love to sit and chat with Harrison Ford?  Of course my daughter would insist on Taylor Lautner. 

I also like to dream that I have written a best selling novel.  And then it becomes a series. And then the series becomes a movie.  And then all of the books are movies.  And I am suddenly the next pop culture icon. 

I also like to go and visit my happy place.  There are no kids there.  There are no dishes.  No laundry.  Just me and my thoughts.  And probably some kind of fruity beverage with an umbrella...sans alcohol.  I go there a lot.  One day I will really go there.

Am I alone in my fantasies?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Toddlers and Tiaras

While I have been known to write about some hot topics now and then, I don't feel this one is necessarily hot or current.  However, it could be considered hot depending on how you feel about such things.  Everyone has their hot button issue. I wouldn't say it is a hot one for me, but I will say it could easily become one!  Especially after watching an Episode of TODDLERS & TIARAS, I think I may have to make room for this on my hot list.

Have you SEEN this??  Have you seen these children?  A four year old girl treating her mother like a peasant, sucking on a PACI and all of these little girls drinking energy drinks!  Like by the gallon!  And what about the outfits? The make up?  The hair?  Am I just old school?  What's wrong with just showing girls in their own beauty?  And why do they have to be dressed up like pint sized street walkers? It's frightening how mature they make them look.   And it's appalling how these children act.  Some more than others.  But when I look at the parents, I see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  I also see women pushing their children and making them into little show ponies. 

Seriously what is scarier?  The kids or the the show...look at those girls see how they are acting, and the moms.  Ponder it.  Then answer. I wrong?

This is a good thing?
This post was brought to you by....

Jenny Matlock


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ten Things to Smile About Sticky Style!

It's Sticky Note Tuesday, with Supah Mommy, and Emmy wants us to name 10 things we smiled about for the month of May, so I am covering both!

Link up with Emmy and Supah Mommy to play along, or just to visit.

Monday, May 31, 2010

You Call That Music!?

Once upon a time, our parents started experimenting with a new kind of music called "rock and roll."  While it's argued who started it all, you can go here and read up if you desire.  But for arguments sake, let's just say it was the work of this man...
He opened the door to rock and roll.  The, then adults, professed it to be satan's music.  They fought against it.  And they simply couldn't stand this stuff those kids called "music."  Were they just too old?  Did they forget the "wild" stuff they listened too?  

Then about 10 years later, we were invaded....

Talk about wild and uncultured!  These guys were long-haired weirdo's who were bringing in crazy ideas like peace and love.  And have you HEARD their "music?"

Then in about another 10-15 years we had to endure an ugly phase of music.  For real.  Let's face it, the 70's and disco just weren't pretty.

*GAH!  My eyes!*
Once music came out of its awkward phase it brought in a new wave of music that once again brought out the cries of "devil's music." and "You call THAT music!?"

 *My brother had a friend who looked just like him... -swoon-...*

So Thursday night I was at the mall--my least favorite place to be, and just when did that happen!?  I think it happened when it SUDDENLY became overrun by obnoxious teenagers who think they are all that and more.  I digress.  I took my girls into "Justice For Girls" so that they could blow their big wad of money.  As it turns out, the store was having a store wide sale of 40 % off everything.  Bonus.  Now, I like to think I am a pretty cool mom--I am many mom's would promote leaf pile jumping in the house...

Or how about hosting the first ever "Stair sledding Olympics!"

See, I am so cool!  And so cool, that I actually participated in the sport.  Oh yes, I did!  And I have the bruised butt to prove it!  But what I want to know is, is when did I get old?  When did music suddenly stop being music???  During our prison term time in the store I could barely stand to listen to the "music."  I wanted out.  And I wondered when did this happen?  I still enjoy music.  I enjoy it very much... as long as it is the kind I like.  I know enough to know that 20 or so years from now, my daughters will have a similar experience.  It's just the right of passage.  What music did you listen to?  What music leaves you wanting to run away screaming?  

*sources:  google images, wikipedia.
**disclaimer to my dear daughters:  Not all teenagers/kids are obnoxious, there are those who are decent and good.**