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Embarrass Myself Psshh!

A little random fun before I write and post my first assignment!  I am giddy.  Actually the first ten days are simply to get you adjusted to college online.  Today I will be posting an introduction and responding to others. (Part of the grade is interacting with other students.  Wow too bad I don't know how to do that! ;)  )

Last night I took Kristin to upgrade to my old iPhone.  Her phone has got something wrong with it.  She really wants at least a 4S so she can mess with Siri of course.  I digress.  We were playing a song, who knows what teenage rage song.  A One Direction song, Neon Trees, Owl of those.  And I started to bust a move while I was driving.  And you know I was doing awesome!   When Emily said, "Mom, you're embarrassing yourself."  BHAHAHAHAHA.  Oh you are so funny child.  I told her, "I can never embarrass myself."  Of course Kristin already knows this.

I watched the debates for about 30 minutes.  Then I turned it over to the…