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I Will Shoot You

I consider myself a good friend.  The kind of friend who will listen when you are having a bad day.  The kind of friend who will send you chocolate when the chips are down.  The kind of friend who will help you hide the body.  And if needs be, I will shoot you.  So yesterday, when Emmy asked me to shoot her...I obliged. 

See, I am a good friend.  I got your back.  Have a great weekend everyone!

DWTS-- Classical Night

Better late than never!!!  They have gone classical tonight, complete with a full orchestra.  This presents at least two challenges:  performing with a full orchestra and using classical music for dances...this doesn't always work.
Katherine and Mark 1-800-868-3410
Katherine and Mark  are dancing the Rumba.  What amazes about Katherine is how she manages to fall in rehearsal every week and then in performance she pulls off the dance of a pro!

Len called it a classy Rumba.
Bruno said she was an entertain-able object of desire(but he does like his Rumba's raunchier)
Carrie Ann on the other hand felt it could have generated more heat, but the lines were perfect.
Carrie Ann:  9
Len: 9
Bruno: 9
Total: 27

Melissa and Maks 1-800-868-3407
Maks has a cyst and some fractures in his foot, but the show must go on. They carry out rehearsals with his brother Val. As a result, their Argentine Tango is rough, but overall pretty good.

Bruno said it got messy, and that it looked like…

Ten Things to Smile About--April

Before I tell you what made me smile...allow me to give you a little what I like to call, "high school dish."  Kristin went back to school yesterday with a drama free day.  The boy with the disturbing crush, was no where to be seen.  And the one she likes, who for now I will refer to as "Z", reported this boy's stepbrother--also another huge problem--to the principal.  And as a bonus, Kristin and her friend Val, made it into the Variety Show.  And those are bonus smiles!  Now for the ten other things that made me smile!!!

1.  On April Fool's Day I did a sneak attack on my kids with silly string.  No pics.  It was just fun.

2.  I played softball with the kids....and found out, I can actually (after a few misses) still hit it out there!
3.  Going to a new place and seeing new things....
4.  Getting a good dental check that is always good! 

5.  Even though it was wrong, I still couldn't help but smile when Ryan got himself into trouble for "…

You Better Be Nice....

Don't make a blogger angry because I guarantee she will be writing about you in her blog the next day.  She will rip you shreds.  Make you out to be the worst villain ever and have her be the unsung hero.  Come on it's her blog, of course she comes out on top.

  Why do we do this?  Because it's our blog that's why!  It's a heck of a lot cheaper than therapy.  And because we have formed many friends across the cyber-verse and as women we wish to share these moments so that we can build our army and kick butt and take names if we must. 

Kristin met a boy at church.  Great place.  There's a couple of problems.  He is 18.  Ooops.  The other one is this other boy who has a disturbing crush on her and is harassing her now.  He is making accusations about the other boy and caused her to become very upset on Friday to point of tears.  (He sent her a slew of texts.)  Rich called him and left a voice as he did not answer his phone...wonder why.  He very calmly and polite…