Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ten Things to Smile About--April

Before I tell you what made me smile...allow me to give you a little what I like to call, "high school dish."  Kristin went back to school yesterday with a drama free day.  The boy with the disturbing crush, was no where to be seen.  And the one she likes, who for now I will refer to as "Z", reported this boy's stepbrother--also another huge problem--to the principal.  And as a bonus, Kristin and her friend Val, made it into the Variety Show.  And those are bonus smiles!  Now for the ten other things that made me smile!!!

1.  On April Fool's Day I did a sneak attack on my kids with silly string.  No pics.  It was just fun.

2.  I played softball with the kids....and found out, I can actually (after a few misses) still hit it out there!
3.  Going to a new place and seeing new things....
4.  Getting a good dental check up....now that is always good! 

5.  Even though it was wrong, I still couldn't help but smile when Ryan got himself into trouble for "spanking butts" at school.  Ooops.

6.  A show called:  They're Off Their Rockers hosted by Betty White.  It is the ultimate trolling show.  I can't tell you how hard I laugh at that show.

7.  When I did some cleaning the other day and Ryan, yes Ryan is the one who noticed!

8.  When I had to draw "paddle" for my friend, and I drew her this....

9.   Saying "Man-whore" as much as possible!

10.  Blowing raspberries at my baby nephew...he's so stinking cute!
What made you smile this month?  I am linking up with Emmy today and her Ten Things to Smile About!


Emmy said...

Love your list! And a triple- how awesome is that. And you said it again!! Haha! Looks like April was a good month and glad drama-stalker boy backed off.
Thank you so much for linking up- kind of slow so far this time

becca said...

great list but my favorite is the draw something pic i am totally addicted to that game though i can't draw

mormonhermitmom said...

And it's a TA-RIPLE Play!

Nicole said...

is there a story behind "man-whore"?

Rebecca Garcia said...

Your nephew is gorgeous! Those eyes!