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My Best Ideas

My best ideas come and the worst possible moments.  Like when I am doing 50 down the road to the neighboring city.  By the time I get home, I have long forgotten that grand idea.  Other places my genius comes to life include:  the shower, the throne, at 2 in the morning when I wake up to go...well the throne again I guess.

Ryan got stung by a bee or something.  He has a welt on his thumb.  I peered at it, put a flashlight on it and still I couldn't see any evidence of a stinger or even a sliver or splinter.  He says it hurts and won't let me touch it.

Speaking of Ryan, and seems he has a problem keeping his hands to himself at school.  He and a few other boys were fighting the other day (again).  I asked Ryan about it.  He said that "J" and "I" think he is food.  I thought this very odd.  I asked why they think he is food.  He said they were going to eat him.  My wheels began to turn a little.  Sometimes they work!  I asked him if they said t…

Going and Going and Going....

Just like the Energizer Bunny, it seems I keep going and going and going.  Let's take a look at my week so far, shall we? 

Monday was an easier day:  Physical Therapy, home, shower, pick up Ryan from school, lunch, pick up the girls from school.  Then to the store to pick up some things for dinner.  See, an easy day.

Tuesday was Weight Watchers, doctor appointment, pick up the boy, lunch, Walmart, post office, pick up the girls from school.  I was gone almost the whole time the kids were at school here.

Wednesday was physical therapy, shower, pick up the boy, lunch at my moms.  Pick up the girls.  Zumba!!!

Each day includes the usual, homework, dinner and dishes and trying to fit in laundry and other chores.  It isn't any wonder after all my going that when I get a day where I don't have to go at all that I choose to sit.  So here I sit.  Ooops, I have to go...take a shower!  I guess I am still going after all.

How much going do you do?


DWTS 200th Episode!!

It is the 11th season and the 200th episode of Dancing with the Stars and to celebrate they brought in previous winners and participants to judge and head up the team dance off.  The returning stars had their best dance danced by their pick and they then helped in the judging of that particular dance. 

The two returning champions on the dance floor and in the Olympics came back to coach the dance teams.  Team Kristi Yamaguchi and Team Apollo Anton Ohno.  Both teams are coached by their champ and both teams dance the Cha-cha-cha.

Team Kristi:  Rick and Cheryl, Kyle and Lacey and Bristol and Mark

Team Kristi, in my humble opinion was the weaker team.  She and Apollo got to pick their teams.  Kristi did an awesome job with her team.  She is so positive and upbeat.  A great coach.  They performed brilliantly. Len said, "You are the under dogs, but you dogs put up quite a fight!"  Bruno thought it was a great Michael Jackson inspired Cha-Cha, despite Bristol "going wrong."…

Multiple Personalities

My lovely Kristin awarded me with her own special brand of a blog award.  Her award to me is the "Multiple Personalities" award.  She wants me to show my many different personalities.  Well who am I?  Sybil?  On some days, one might wonder.
I can be fearful

Sad Silly But watch out for Mama Bear But in the end, all those faces belong to me. 
I am who I am and I make no apologies for that.  Thank you Kristin, for helping step a lot little out of my comfort zone.
Come back tomorrow for my DWTS recap!!

Why? Why? Why?

Kids are naturally curious, naturally energetic and naturally...well they are naturally LOUD!  Because they are curious, energetic and loud, they have to ask why...why...why...why...WHY!?  And sometimes you just want to say, BECAUSE!  But now I want to ask why...because I want a turn!

Why is it that two hours of trick-or-treating invigorates the kids, but completely wipes me out?  I mean I remember trick-or-treating for hours a couple of hours and feeling like I could go back out again and snag some more candy.  Now it's more like, okay we've been at it for five minutes an hour so let's go home.

How old is to old to trick-or-treat?  Yeah, I know it's not a why question, but it's still a question.  I was 13, the last time I did.  But nowadays kids are trick or treating well into their teens.  As long as they are behaving like civilized human beings, I say let them.  It's fun.

How much candy did you eat confiscate for safety issues? 

Why did this year go by so fa…