Friday, November 5, 2010

My Best Ideas

My best ideas come and the worst possible moments.  Like when I am doing 50 down the road to the neighboring city.  By the time I get home, I have long forgotten that grand idea.  Other places my genius comes to life include:  the shower, the throne, at 2 in the morning when I wake up to go...well the throne again I guess.

Ryan got stung by a bee or something.  He has a welt on his thumb.  I peered at it, put a flashlight on it and still I couldn't see any evidence of a stinger or even a sliver or splinter.  He says it hurts and won't let me touch it.

Speaking of Ryan, and seems he has a problem keeping his hands to himself at school.  He and a few other boys were fighting the other day (again).  I asked Ryan about it.  He said that "J" and "I" think he is food.  I thought this very odd.  I asked why they think he is food.  He said they were going to eat him.  My wheels began to turn a little.  Sometimes they work!  I asked him if they said they were going to EAT him up, or BEAT him up.  Of course it was beat.  I talked with the teacher and hopefully got it all worked out.  Hopefully.

I saw on the news that the cost of food is going to start going up.  START!?  Start?  If they think this is news, they need a new job.  I have been watching food prices climb disgustingly for last three years.  People are so greedy.

One of Rich's students was in AZ, and they brought back these disgusting paperweights.  Scorpions.  Oh they are so ugly.  BLAH!  Kristin says they are cool.  She happily took one to her room.  Emily marveled over the other one, but didn't take it to her room.  No she left it in the bathroom.  Ryan told me there was a spider in the bathroom.  That it was dead and trapped.  I wondered why he was worried about a dead and trapped spider.  It was that gross scorpion.  A scorpion is an arthropod.  How I knew this, I do not know.  Especially since I can't remember what I made for dinner the night before!  I have all my memory files, it's just that are not in drawers.  It's just all piled up in one big heap.  So really I am not forgetful...I'm just trying to sift through the files.


Linda Medrano said...

I just hope that Ryan doesn't have cannibal kids at his school. You just never know, Lourie.

Anonymous said...

I get lots of brilliant ideas in the shower. I really need to stash a notebook in the bathroom so I can jot them down. (After I get out of the shower, of course.)

Emmy said...

Oh yes I get ideas at the worst times too, and if I don't repeat the idea at least three times it will be gone.. and then still sometimes is.

And yes I am glad they are not eating Ryan :)

Nikki said...

lol! seeing that in the bathroom would make me totally jump!

Amy said...

Ryan sounds incredibly adorable! What a cute boy, and how heartbreaking that some kids want to "eat him up." Kids can be so mean.
And I so do not need food to go up in price at all.

Cherie said...

We just went through a little bullying thing too - it brings out the mama bear in you doesn't it? Glad you got it all worked out. I found it very stressful!
I am with you on the ideas. My problem is that if I do happen to remember them I sometimes have a hard time following through. I have so many ideas running around and not enough time - dang@!
And as far as food goes my son's favorite cereal went up to almost $5 a box at Winco...Winco! Holy Not Gonna Buy That Cereal Anymore!!

Holly said...

EWWWWW on the scorpions!