Thursday, November 4, 2010

Going and Going and Going....

Just like the Energizer Bunny, it seems I keep going and going and going.  Let's take a look at my week so far, shall we? 

Monday was an easier day:  Physical Therapy, home, shower, pick up Ryan from school, lunch, pick up the girls from school.  Then to the store to pick up some things for dinner.  See, an easy day.

Tuesday was Weight Watchers, doctor appointment, pick up the boy, lunch, Walmart, post office, pick up the girls from school.  I was gone almost the whole time the kids were at school here.

Wednesday was physical therapy, shower, pick up the boy, lunch at my moms.  Pick up the girls.  Zumba!!!

Each day includes the usual, homework, dinner and dishes and trying to fit in laundry and other chores.  It isn't any wonder after all my going that when I get a day where I don't have to go at all that I choose to sit.  So here I sit.  Ooops, I have to go...take a shower!  I guess I am still going after all.

How much going do you do?

Jenny Matlock

I am so totally geeking about going to Part One of HP and the Deathly Hollows. So much so, that I put a HP background on my blog.  It was cool.  But to find a color of text that was easy on the eyes against its black background was not happening.  So I opted for a fall choice instead.  

And I am also going to see it in IMAX.  It's the last in the series.  Why not go out with a bang?  Besides, it is supposed to be amazing in IMAX.  

But wear a costume.  Nah.  Maybe if I was 16 or 17, but I'll pass.

Now I am going to ride on the coattails of Drama Mama and see if you can figure out my heritage....

1.  German
2.  Russian
3.  Swedish


mormonhermitmom said...

I'm going to say a mix of German and Swedish.

HP! Can't wait but it won't be IMAX for me.

mle said...

You ARE like the energizer bunny!! I've been told I can rest when I'm dead : )
When does HP come out? next week?

See Mom Smile said...

That schedule sounds very familiar, minus the physical therapy! Love us some Harry Potter. I am sure we will be at the midnight show!

Terry said...

Isn't it crazy how we can keep going going going?? I amaze myself sometimes!! As for HP....not for me :) But enjoy!

Nicole said...

Good thing you don't collapse!!!

Emmy said...

Guessing German.

And yeah I am rarely ever home any more. I just want a day to sit and do nothing.,,oh but my kids would have to be gone somewhere all day for that to really happen, so never mind.

Gina said...

I think its our lot in life as women to keep everything going! I swear if I did NOTHING for a week the whole world would crumble (or at least our household)!!!

mub said...

Geez I'm tired even thinking about that much stuff to do *L* I'm impressed!

Rachel Sue said...

I have had too many weeks like that one lately. I am ready for a break! How about you!

House Revivals said...

I remember those "going, going, going" days well! Treasure them -- they fly by. I'm going to guess: Swedish?

Linda Medrano said...

It would kill me to do all the stuff you do! Damn, Lourie, slow down!

I'm going to say Russian. Why? I have a gorgeous Russian girlfriend named Vera and her coloring is very much like yours.

The Drama Mama said...

I'm doing my best impersonation of the White Rabbit, and I'm late! I'm late!! But at least I'm here. ;)

I'm going to guess that #3 is the lie and you are NOT Swedish.

La said...

Tuesday is my WW day too. It helps keep me honest on the weekends...most of the time.

I am excited about the upcoming HP movie too. My son Jordan and I have a standing date to go to see each movie as it comes out. I will hate it when it is all over. La

5thsister said...

LOL...we are energizer bunnies, aren't we? I took full advantage of the one free hour I had today and took a power nap! It was very, very, good. :o)

Amy said...

I say Swedish. You are very tall and very blond. And I still say you should go as Mrs. Dursley. That way you could dress basically normal, but still say you dressed up. Perfect!
Also, you are one busy momma. Wow! You need a break of some sort. HP comes just in time, doesn't it?

Jenny said...

There are sure some days I feel like I could use some new batteries, too!

Your life sounds busy and full...I admire that you try and find time for you.

And I also admire the background on the blog. The leaf outlines are really lovely.

Thanks for a GGGGGGRRRReat post and for linking to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "G".