Monday, November 1, 2010

Why? Why? Why?

Kids are naturally curious, naturally energetic and naturally...well they are naturally LOUD!  Because they are curious, energetic and loud, they have to ask why...why...why...why...WHY!?  And sometimes you just want to say, BECAUSE!  But now I want to ask why...because I want a turn!

Why is it that two hours of trick-or-treating invigorates the kids, but completely wipes me out?  I mean I remember trick-or-treating for hours a couple of hours and feeling like I could go back out again and snag some more candy.  Now it's more like, okay we've been at it for five minutes an hour so let's go home.

How old is to old to trick-or-treat?  Yeah, I know it's not a why question, but it's still a question.  I was 13, the last time I did.  But nowadays kids are trick or treating well into their teens.  As long as they are behaving like civilized human beings, I say let them.  It's fun.

How much candy did you eat confiscate for safety issues? 

Why did this year go by so fast? 

Just out of curiosity,  is it just me, or do you hate buying feminine products?  And when you do, isn't it always the one time you get the young cute checker guy?  No reason...just random thinking.

Why do parents let there little girls dress up like hoochie mama's on Halloween?

What makes Oprah think she can teach ME how to SAVE money and find things for UNDER $100!?  Seriously?

And you want to know who won my little giveaway?

It was Amy from Involuntary Smiles!  Congratulations, Lovey!



Amy said...

Truer words have never been spoken. I agree with all of those "Why's" Especially the one where moms let their girls dress up like skanks. What on earth are they thinking?? And why is trick or treating a chore now when it was the most fun thing in the world at that age?

Yay!!!I am so excited to win! Thank you thank you thank you!you just made my day!

Emmy said...

Great post. I only saw two shanks last night I was quite happy. And why do patents let their teenagers with no costume at all go trick-or-treating? Like I want to give them candy.

Worse than femine products is ahem.. lubricants.

blueviolet said...

I do feel weird buying feminine products which is dumb because half of the population is buying them and you know the checkers could care less. It's probably the 40th time that day they've seen it!

Shelley said...

Good questions!!

Because they have all that childlike excitement about trick or treating!

I think as long as they are wearing a costume, it doesn't matter to me. Except when they steal my strobe lights.

No confiscation here. No kiddos!

I don't mind buying feminine's condoms I am embarassed about!

Parents are stupid. Or they are clueless. I saw a young teen dressed as a "sexy maid" last night. I just had to roll my eyes at her.

Oprah...bless her heart, lol.

Linda Medrano said...

I always go to either Oprah or Bill (Gates) for money saving tips!

I buy tampons just so the cute young guy checker will think I'm still young enough to need them.

Nikki said...

I totally know what you mean about the hoochie mama costumes on like 12 yr old girls! its crazy! we were walking around on halloween and saw some young girls wearing them and it was just ridiculous. i was thinking - who buys their kids these costumes???

Congratulations to the winner of your giveaway!

Jen said...

I'll buy tampons, condoms, lube...doesn't bother long as I don't have to go find someone to unlock them!

Nicole said...

Those are all very good questions!

Rachel said...

Lucky for me, my kids only lastest trick-or-treating around our little block.

I think trick-or-treating is for elementary aged kids, older kids should just get together for a party. . .as long as it's not too close to my house. . . haha.

mormonhermitmom said...

Why is Halloween and Election day so close together? Why do kids never seem to have the "sugar crash" after eating all that Halloween candy?

Sandra said...

I do hate buying feminine hygiene products! It's such a waste of money because essentially it gets thrown out within hours.

Christina Lee said...

Oh yeah-the older teens with no costume at all and a pillow-case for candy (I am talking about this too on an up-coming post). So I made it tough for them-- I drilled them about what there costume was--and some were good on the fly!


Holly said...

That posts feels like my head...I swear my brain is constantly throwing out stuff like this...I say go for it with the trick or treating...but please stop the hoochie mamas.