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Laying Low

Today I am doing what I like to refer as, 'laying low.' On a typical day of laying low, I generally don't go anywhere. I stay home and pad around the house taking care of things that are long over due or in need of my immediate attention. Oh and I play on the computer. After three days of Disneyland style days I needed to "lay low." As I posted earlier, I have taken on a "babysitting" job. I wouldn't call it babysitting since these girls are 12. I would call it "tween management." In the first three days of tween management, we have been to the park, a pool party, and out to dinner at a fast food place. I am spent. I needed a day to regroup. So here is what I did today.

I went to Wal-Mart and spent a small fortune. They are completely redoing the store so nothing is where it is supposed to be so it took twice as long to get my shopping done. I went to my mom's for lunch with my kids in tow--just mine--then headed home for w…

My Family Grew

My family grew in just one day. We went from a family of five to a family of seven. On a part-time basis at least. I am now watching two of Kristin's good friends. They are twins actually. Funny story on how these three met. The girls live two houses up from my mom. When they were just tiny, about 3 or 4, my niece would play with them. She and one of the girls share the same name of Nicole. So when they came over to my mom's--if they thought Nicole was there--they would say, "Can big Nicky play?" Well a few years ago, Nicole being much older thought it was a great time to introduce Kristin to these girls. They immediately hit it off, and loved when we would come to visit. Then in 07, we moved here. On Kristin's first day of school, there was one of the sisters in her class. What luck. They have been practically inseparable.

As it turns out, their mother works the late shift and has had them under their Grandma's care, and daycare. Grandma got ti…