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Five Things

Emmy is determined to get me back into the world of blogging.  I will, but for now her pushes will have to do.  hehe.  You know I love you girl!

This is another old school blog....

I will link up with two (new to me) bloggers:  Miss Elaine and Alison.

Five Things I am passionate about

1.  My family
2.  My religion
3.  Education
4.  Writing
5.  Sleep

Five Things I would like to do before I die (a mini bucket list!)

1.  Graduate (okay that's a given!)
2.  Go to Hawaii
3.  Get published
4.  See my daughter accept her Academy Award
5.  Learn to drive a stick

Things I say a lot:
1.  Turd (in reference to the cats usually) 2.  Seriously? 3.  I saw this thing on...(FB, Pinterest, or any such social media) 4.  Good grief!! 5.  ugh! (that one appears in text)

Five Books/Magazines I have read lately....
Lately!?  hahahaha.  
The last book I read was Warm Bodies and that months ago.  Magazines....yeah....moving on....
Five Favorite Movies
1.  The Wizard of Oz (of all time ever!) 2.  The Pri…