Thursday, July 11, 2013

Five Things

Emmy is determined to get me back into the world of blogging.  I will, but for now her pushes will have to do.  hehe.  You know I love you girl!

This is another old school blog....

I will link up with two (new to me) bloggers:  Miss Elaine and Alison. 

Five Things I am passionate about

1.  My family
2.  My religion
3.  Education
4.  Writing
5.  Sleep

Five Things I would like to do before I die (a mini bucket list!)

1.  Graduate (okay that's a given!)
2.  Go to Hawaii
3.  Get published
4.  See my daughter accept her Academy Award
5.  Learn to drive a stick

Things I say a lot:

1.  Turd (in reference to the cats usually)
2.  Seriously?
3.  I saw this thing on...(FB, Pinterest, or any such social media)
4.  Good grief!!
5.  ugh! (that one appears in text)

Five Books/Magazines I have read lately....

Lately!?  hahahaha.  

The last book I read was Warm Bodies and that months ago.  Magazines....yeah....moving on....

Five Favorite Movies

1.  The Wizard of Oz (of all time ever!)
2.  The Princess Bride
3.  The Breakfast Club 
4.  Pillow Talk (Such a cute movie!!! Doris Day and Rock Hudson)
5.  Grease!  (The original High School Musical!)

Five Places I would like to travel to:

1.  Paris
2.  New York
3.  Hawaii
4.  Africa
5.  Australia

Now technically I am supposed to invite 5 bloggers to do this.  I am so out of loop.  I played, and that is good for now.  It was fun.