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Parties, Dishes and Tortillas

I confess...
Saturday is Ryan's birthday party.  As in his first "friends birthday party."  He is very excited about it.  So far, I have two confirmed guests.  I know that a lot of times people just show up.  But there is a part of me that hopes that is it.  Ryan doesn't do well with noise and confusion.  But I don't want his feelings to be hurt.
I confess...
I am in physical therapy.  I don't always remember to do my exercises.  And when I do, it is usually late at night.  And really who wants to do that stuff at night anyway? 
I confess...
I let the Little Middle eat tortillas for breakfast.  It's a carb.  She also drinks a tall glass of milk.  One time she also had a banana.  
I confess...
I let the teen stay up til 11....but only because she had not done her homework.  I am partially responsible for that.  I didn't get on her to do it.  
I confess....

This one is a little weird...or maybe not.  I rarely, if ever, leave the dishes over night.  I have been …

My Review of Clip and Close Cereal Box

Originally submitted at CSN Stores
Features:Cereal boxClip and Close collection100% BPA free and leak proof storage containerWith four easy open and close snap closuresFreezable and microwave safeCapacity: 4.0 L or 135 fl oz Clip and Close Cereal Box
Pop, Lock and SealBy CA Girl from Murrieta, CA on 10/14/2010 4out of 5 Pros: Air Tight, Compact, ResilientCons: Food comes out fastBest Uses: Maintain Freshness, Grains, CerealDescribe Yourself: Casual CookI got these food storage containers/dispensers to store cereal and keep it fresher longer. I love the tight seal they have and the fact that they do not take up a lot of space. Despite taking little space, they can hold quite a bit of cereal. I was worried my kids wouldn't be able to open the pop top since it seals so tight. But even my 5 year old can open them. The only thing I don't like is how fast the cereal pours out. Therefore, if it is your intention to use them for cereal, just be careful when pouring.

CSN stores gave m…

You Stole My Heart

From the moment I met you, you stole my heart.  Our first year together was filled joy and some growing pains. The joy of first steps And the pain of broken noses The anticipation of a new home Making new friends, who just happen to be family!* And all of the are starting school! Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!
* I am not sure who took the photo of the three kids running...but it was either myself or Emmy.

DWTS Unplugged

Tonight Dancing with the Stars is doing two very different things for the first time ever.  They created a theater in the round.  The dances tonight:  the Rumba and The Argentine Tango don't require as much room, this gives the judges a better vantage point, and they were able to pack in more people.  The other thing, tonight they are unplugged.  All acoustic.  For the first time ever the stars and the pros are dancing to acoustic music only.  Also the couples will receive two sets of scores:  one for technical and one for performance.  The cool part about this, is they use instant replay.  I wish they would do this each week!  

Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya 1-800-868-3408
It is Kurt's anniversary.  What better way to celebrate your anniversary than to dance the sexy Rumba with another woman!  This made Kurt very uncomfortable. They finally brought in his wife and Anna's husband.  He asked his wife for her permission to do this dance.  How cute.  She told him it was a d…

Say What?

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What are your friends saying on their Facebook pages.  Or Twitter?  Is it funny?  Is it weird?  Is it what they ate for dinner?  Well share it here on The Status Quote with me and Emmy!  Simply post those funny, strange and daily posts of your friends.  Please exclude names and locations.  And then, link up!
My my, Peter Laviolette, the Flyers coach, sure is an angry chewer....
has done nothing exciting and has planned nothing exciting today.
What is it with all of the stink bugs this year? Seriously!
 If I changed my clothes every time I got spit up on I would wear no less than 7 outfits a day.
Is making pancakes and has extras. Want some?
Good Monday morning to you all. The sun is going to shine and it will be another comfortable day. Let's ma…

Is It Too Much to Ask....

Have you ever been in line at Target, Wally or your grocery store of choice and you find yourself in THAT line?  You know the one.  The one with the checker who just came out of training 5 minutes ago.  Or the one with the gal and her WIC coupons.  I know how long those things take.  I used to BE that gal.  How about the coupons!  Girls who rock my really do.  But I am talking about the ones who have the stack of coupons and they are trying to find the two they can use... only to discover one has expired and the other is for a different product than the one they chose.  Yes, we have all been there.  And that checker, bless her/his heart smiles and goes through the task at hand.  Then there are those customers who are beyond rude.  They are just down right nasty.

Last week, I witnessed such a customer.  He was in the checkers face because his cheese was ringing up more than the price on the shelf said it was.  He simply wouldn't let it go.  She was a pro t…