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Friday Five

Good grief it has been so long since I last blogged that literally forgot how to get into blogger so that I could actually write a post! This is serious people! I am a writer after all. A writer in school, with three very busy children and one crazy life! So when I saw Emmy's tweet about Friday Five and my homework was done I thought I would dive in!  
I will do thoughts first....don't be scared though okay.
1. I am really scared about my new class. It is math and I never did well. But see here's the thing. I have to prove to myself and my kids that the only way to overcome the "I suck at it" attitude is to dive right in and do it. That is what I am doing.  
2.  Netflix is a great and terrible thing. It's great because you can sit and watch hours of TV with absolutely no commercial interruption! It's terrible for the exact same reason.
3. I am not old enough to have a daughter who is graduating from high school. Yet, she will be.
4. Sometimes I think I am 19. …