Friday, April 16, 2010


It's confession time!!!    If you want to play, head on over to Glamazon's and link up.

I must confess, I had a huge crush on my brother's best friend.  He was so very cute.  He had dark hair, brown eyes like a puppy and a sweet smile.  The best part about him, was he never once let on how he knew.  And he never once teased me about it.  I still have a warm fuzzy spot in my heart for him.

I confess I had a crush on my drama teacher.  And interestingly enough, he shared the same first name as my brother's best friend!  My teacher was young, fresh out of college.  Again he was very gracious to this giggly teen and he never embarrassed me for my crush.  And I was crushed that he was married--like anything could ever have happened!  And I was crushed when he left our school.

I confess  I had a crush on at least one of my managers in my time of working in the retail world.  Is it just me, or are these crushes a little on the inappropriate side?

I had other crushes too.  I  had your garden variety of unrequited love crushes.  And to all those dumb boys who "just wanted to be friends" I say, "neener neener neener!" Hmmmm...maybe that is what Rich is saying.

I had celebrity crushes, which include, but are not limited to:  Ralph Macchio, C. Thomas Howell, Johnny Depp, Patrick Swayze, The Monkees, and many more!

Thank goodness we did not have the kind of technology we have now.  I really think I could have been a stalker really obsessed focused on certain people of the opposite sex.

What are your confessions of past love and crushes?

PS  I know I am behind in my reading.  Bear with me.  I have lost one of my lenses to my glasses.  This makes reading hard.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Letters and Thanks

I am trying a new meme today...two actually.  Disclaimer:  names may or may not have been changed.  Circumstances may or may not be completely made up. 

To Wicked Witch of the West:

I would like for you to stop bullying Gidget.  I know it is not your offspring doing it.  And shame on you for hiding behind her identity to upset a minor.  Really, how old are you anyway?   Are you too afraid that Dorothy will drop a house on you, or throw water at you???  Dorothy is mad.  And the Lion, well don't even get me started.  He is not cowardly witch woman, you are.  Come out from behind your hiding place if you dare. 

Dear Writers of 24:


Dear Writers of Lost:

Seriously, you had better answer my questions.  I am starting to wonder if you are just going to pull the rug out from under us.

Dear Viewing Public:

Please for the love of chocolate, stop voting for Kate.  She can't dance.

*******and now for a note of thanks...for nothing.....******

I have lived in and rented my house for 2 years and then we bought it.  In those 2 years, we had the garbage disposal replaced, the dryer serviced, the dishwasher repaired, the fridge repaired, the A/C looked at, and the slab leak.  That was the biggest.  Now since buying the house, our water heater died, and most recently the furnace had a mild stroke.  The guy came out on a moments notice.  HE was very thorough.  He believes there is a blockage or even a disruption of the duct system.  The only way to confirm would be going into the walls.  Insurance doesn't like this they want a second opinion.  I got a call from the other company and they left a message.  I called them back.  Twice.  Nothing.  Thanks for nothing.

My dishwasher came today!  I used it!!!  It was a good day.  However, it almost didn't happen today.  I got a call yesterday from the company who handles the deliveries.  I returned their call.  Nothing.  I called them again.  Nothing.  I called Lowe's and at first got nothing, but eventually they took care of me and found another company to deliver the dishwasher in the afternoon.  To the company who finally returned my call about 2 hours before the dishwasher was to be delivered, thanks for nothing!

Wow this is not only fun, it is quite therapeutic.  I highly recommend doing it!!!

Come back and play tomorrow for Friday Confessional!

And just because I am a nerd....

My dish rack with only pans and a few miscellaneous items...because the dishes were in here....

Isn't it great!? 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dancing with the Stars

I apologize for late posting today, but I had some serious TV watching things to catch up on.  Now let's get down to business shall we!

Tonight the dances were:  The Tango and The Rumba.  The Tango is a fierce dance with precise movements.  They had the pros come and out and dance and labeled specific moves they would be looking for.  Remember, they are being scored for technique and performance. 

Erin and Maks danced first.  The Tango.  I personally think she did fabulous.  Len must have too because he told her she was brilliant and that it was a full on Tango!  Bruno said that it was good at first but then it lost something.  What!?  Bruno, were you watching?  Carrie Ann liked it, but noted Erin's death grip is still there.


Len:  technique 6, performance 7
Bruno:  technique: 6, performance 7
Carrie Ann:  technique 6, performance 7
Total:  39

Wow, I thought they said they liked the performance!

Evan and Anna:  The Tango

I got my haircut yesterday, and people were talking about the show.  Someone asked if Evan was gay.  The answer came that he has a girlfriend.  The response to that was, "Really!?"  It was super hard not to laugh.  *ahem*  Wow!  Their tango was crisp, intense, and to the untrained eye just about perfect!  Bruno told Evan that he was strong, full of power and had a hint of cat like arrogance!  I love his comments.  Carrie Ann said it was an  amazing performance.  Len told him he nailed the performance. And with the aide of instant replay--never used before--showed him exactly where he nailed it.

Carrie Ann:  Technique:  9 Performance: 9
Bruno:  Technique: 9  Performance:  9
Len:  Technique:  8 Performance: 8
Wait, I'm confused.  Len I thought you said he nailed it!
Total:  52 

Before we see The Rumba performed, we get to see it done by the pros.  I understand that this dance is supposed to be sensual.  It's a very suggestive dance.  But why did Kim Johnson think that required her to wear her Victoria's Secret with an open button down shirt?  I have told my kids in the past, that they are costumes and they do not dress like that.  But come on, the girl was wearing underwear.

Niecey and Louis are first up to dance The Rumba.  Louis tells her it's not just about the romance, it's also a very spiritual dance.  Hmmmm okay.  I guess.  He wanted her to think of 17 years ago when her brother's life was cut short.  To make this a way of reaching beyond.  It made her cry.  Sweet, but I still am not sure I get it.  It didn't matter.  I was truly excited to see her dance this.  She is such a sassy girl.  I fully expected this dance to be one she would own.  I was harshly disappointed.  Maybe it is because Louis went about it all wrong.  Maybe because it made her too sad.  Whatever the reason, Niecey and all her jiggly parts were downright jiggle-less!  There was almost zero hip movement.  I was floored. Len was equally disappointed as he told her it was a boring rumba and there was no hip action.  Sorry Niecey, but he was right.  Bruno told her it seemed like she was in a trance.  Hmmmm, that's good word for it.  Carrie Ann always kind told her that perhaps she made the dance bigger in her mind and that she was thinking too much of her brother.

Len:  Technique: 6 Performance: 6
Bruno:  Technique:  6 Performance: 6
Carrie Ann:  Technique: 6 Performance: 6
Total: 36

Aiden & Edyta:  The Rumba.  Upon seeing Edyta's dress, Kristin asked, "Is her costume made of tin foil!?"  I had to admit it did look like she was trying to phone home.  Aiden has severe anxiety.  Being a soap star he doesn't have to perform in front of a live audience.  This has been his biggest weakness.  So to get him over his anxiety, Edyta took him out to dance in broad daylight in front of a bunch of cat calling females.  Oh, and did I mention she took off his shirt.  He did great.  I thought, wow...his rumba is going to rock.  It didn't.  Well maybe it did since he was stiff like a rock.  Carrie Ann thought he looked more comfortable, but his movement started at the shoulders, and in this dance the movement must start from the hips.  Len said there was no flow, no musicality.  I swear the audience must be told to boo.  Bruno said it was like watching stop animation. 

Carrie Ann:  Technique:  5 Performance: 6
Bruno:  Technique: 5 Performance:  6
Len:  Technique:  5 Performance: 6
Total:  33

Derek and Nicole:  The Rumba.  This should be good.  Why is Derek stuffing ten pieces of gum in his mouth? As I imagined, they did not disappoint.  But, oops...I kept watching Derek.  Bruno told Nicole she was an unattainable object of desire. He said she had a few stumbles and that he wanted to see more sex.  Tom Bergeron came back with, "In your dreams!"  Carrie Ann said her nerves showed.  Yeah they did.  And that perhaps she was out of her game tonight.  Len said she had the right moves except that her arm movements were a bit over exaggerated. 

Carrie Ann:  Technique:  9 Performance: 8
Len:  Technique:  8 Performance: 8
Bruno:  Technique: 8 Performance: 9
Total: 50

Jake and Chelsie:  The Tango

Okay, seriously how this man pulls it off each week is really beyond me.  Every single practice he either trips over his own to feet, hers or falls and takes her with him.  It frustrates him to no end.  And yet, he keeps going.  And once again he shows that he can do it.  Then the unthinkable happened.  His foot slipped and then it was like a domino effect.  He kept on his feet, but it went from a simple slip to a stumble and finally some very interesting footwork to attempt to bring them back to speed.  I am not sure if he did, but I will say right before the slip, they did a very difficult maneuver up the stairs to the bandstand and back down again.  It was amazing.  Len said that Jake came out and attacked the dance.  The stumble of course was mentioned.  Bruno said his Tango was very very very VERY messy.  Yes, he said it four times.   Carrie Ann noted their holds were great, but he needed to be more connected with Chelsie, that he was to into it. 

Carrie Ann:  Technique:  6 Performance:  7
Len:  Technique: 7 Performance: 6
Bruno: Tango: 6 Performance: 6
Total:  38

Tony and Kate:  The Tango.  Every week this woman cries and carries on not about how hard the dance is, but about how hard her life is.  Every week she laments that she just doesn't understand what Tony means when he tells/shows her how to do a dance move.  During the practice she looked more annoyed and bored than anything else.  Her arms were limp and her posture was atrocious.  Her performance was slightly better than the weeks past.  But it still seemed like Tony was dragging her around and she didn't want to be there.  Bruno said that she was dancing, but her technique is still very bad.  Carrie Ann brought on her lift Nazi status and pointed out the semi-lift.  Lift?  Really, I didn't notice her feet leave the ground. At all.  She went on to say that she was very proud of Kate, but that she has a long way to go.  (or a short way if people would stop voting for her.) Len said that she produced her best dance yet.  Ummm...I guess so.

Carrie Ann:  Technique: 4 Performance: 6 (that was generous)
Len:  Technique: 5 Performance:  6
Bruno:  Technique: 5 Performance: 6 (perhaps they felt sorry for her?)
Total:  32

Chad & Cheryl:  The Rumba.  Remember sultry and sensuous.  I have to say that Chad did better this week.  And that is part of the competition:  improvement.  I thought he was still kind of stiff or posing, but compared to Aiden he was quite smooth.  Carrie Ann thought he turned on the heat...yeah for her.  Best dance.  Yeah, I guess.  Bruno said the hunk is smoldering tonight.  Len also noted the improvement in Chad.


Carrie Ann:  Technique:  7 Performance: 8
Len:  Technique: 6 Performance: 7 (I think his score was the most accurate)
Bruno:  Technique: 8 Performance: 8
Total:  44

Last and certainly not at least, Pamela & Damian:  The Rumba.  Last week Len warned everyone that the Rumba was to be sultry but not raunchy.  Well, she listened.  Because their dance was definitely sultry.  And hey her costume wasn't underwear!  Len gushed about how the dance was understated, sophisticated and very very good, but that she was a little over dressed.  Haha!  Bruno said she was refined, elegant and still drop dead sexy.  Carrie Ann said it was magic but that her arms were strange at times.  But then she did say that Chad turned on the heat. 

Carrie Ann:  Technique: 7 Performance: 8
Len:  Technique: 8  Performance: 7 Has he got that backwards?
Bruno:  Technique: 7 Performance: 8
Total: 47

Last night was the results show.  The one where the stars, pros, and viewers are chewing their nails to the nub as they wait to see who is going home.  I was very worried about Jake.  That was quite a stumble.  He was safe.  That made me happy.  One by one they named another safe couple.  Slowly it came down to three couples:  Kate and Tony, Niecy and Louis, and Edyta and Aiden.  So the last couple to be named safe and NOT in the bottom two:  KATE AND TONY!  Seriously!?  Who is voting for her??  She can't dance.  If you like her, that is just fine, but she can't dance.  I was sooo mad at this point that I nearly missed who was going home:  Aiden & Edyta.  Sorry Aiden.  Despite your anxiety, I think you should have gotten one more week.  We will miss you and look forward to seeing you again at the finale!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sticky Note Tuesday

It's time for fun with sticky notes!  Seriously, I dare you try this and not get carried away.  It's too fun!  And to prove my point....

See how fun that was?  You want to play, you know you do.  Go here to make your sticky notes!

Monday, April 12, 2010

One of the Deadliest...

One of the seven deadly sins is greed.  And yet, it is all around us.  How much are you paying for gas?  I will tell you I just paid $3.09 for regular.  I can't even remember the last time I put the good stuff in my poor car.  And why?  Because of greed.  I drink Diet Coke, and I accept no substitutions.  There just is no other.  And I guess the makers of Diet Coke know this, because why else would it cost $4.99 for a 12 pack!?  Seriously?  And who is getting the bulk of that profit?  The clerk?  The manager at your favorite store?  HA!  I don't think so.

Rich just bought plane tickets to fly to GA to see his parents renew their vows.  Now I am not completely daft.  I know flying isn't cheap.  I also know that flying across the country really isn't cheap.  But when airlines start charging for using the bathroom it is just too much!  Yes, one of the airlines has a charge for using the restroom.  That would be RyanAir.  Another airline has a charge for use of the overhead compartment.  Sadly, he can not remember the name of that one.  The one he went with, US Airlines, has charges for luggage that go as follows:  23 for the first bag, and 32 for the second.  If you want 3, then it is 100.  That is 100 for the third bag, not 100 altogether!  So let's say you and your family are taking a trip somewhere.  You are a family of 5.  All plane tickets cost the same regardless of age.  So let's just say your tickets cost $300 after fees and taxes. $250 x 5= $1,500.00.  Now let's suppose you and your spouse each have one piece of luggage and there are two between your kids.  So add to your $1,500 another $155.00 for all your luggage.  Now I am up to $1655.00 just to get there.  Seriously?  Do you know what all else you could do for that?  Is it just me or is this greed thing just gotten completely out of hand?

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