Friday, December 27, 2013

Review Extravaganza October-Dec.2013

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I finally made it! I had a lot of issues getting my pictures uploaded. Now that they are finally uploaded, I can get down to business.... This is the last installment of the Review Extravagana 2013. We will have the linky open a couple extra days so you have some time. For a complete set of rules and all the fabulous prizes go here. October.... Let's face it, when October begins time starts to fly...and it fly it did. October had a birthday, a play and of course Halloween. Now that doesn't sound like much when you are on the outside, but come and sit let me paint you a picture of what it is really like.... Rehearsals Monday through Thursday that go until five or sometimes six. This goes on until the play is over. I am also planning a party, a baptism, and getting ready for Halloween.
Kristin in all her Zombie make up. She looked different each night. Here is her big scene, mind you she got more applause than some of the lead characters. Ryan's birthday was MineCraft themed. We had creeper cakes, creeper juice, and all foods Mine Craft. If you have a son or an overgrown Man Child you understand this all to well. Halloween was a blast...Kristin made her own costume...she was Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. She got lots of attention(mostly from teenage girls) she also did Emily's costume "R" from Warm Bodies, and Ryan was Iron Patriot.
November started off with a bang....Ryan got baptized. In our church, children are baptized at the age of eight.
Not only did Ryan get baptized, but he also started Scouts We had Thanksgiving...which included a total of twenty people! It was a noisy, fun, and yummy day. Oh yeah...we saw Thor the Dark World ...TWICE... Then comes the busiest month of all...Decemember. Let's face it. We all work our tails off in Deceember. Here's our month. Ryan was a shepherd... And he was in a parade... We got to see Santa twice.. We had our usual Christmas Eve traditions... Christmas Day was wonderful...we had many happy and joyful we also had a lot of this... What does that mean? Long story short, it means you have been pranked. It's quite humourous. The full explanation can be seen here.... So what are my goals for 2014... 1. Continue with school. This one excites me the most as two years ago I couldn't even say it. I only thought about going. Now I am working towards my Bachelor's Degree! What is even more exciting is so is Rich! 2. Lose 40 pounds by 2015 3. Get my house in order by 2015 4. Learn and exercise better time management 5. Blog one time a week (I haven't been posting at all) for the first three months. Then two times a week and finally three times a week. These are my goals for 2014. What were the last three months like for you? What are your goals for 2014? Happy New Year!! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Reveiw Extravaganza July, Aug, and Sept!

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Can you believe we are in week three of the Review Extravaganza! Next week is week four, but you might want to get a jump on it week you will be BUSY! Next week the months will October, November and December. And remember there are some great prizes!!! here goes... July... This was a month of movies...some new...some new to me. Well...we did go and see Man of Steel again because...well...yeah
We also saw....
We played too... Glowstick bowling...
Me and my bestie getting together...and both of us may or may not have been playing Dice with Buddies (with each other) and been on Pinterest.
Oh and I discovered a certain God of Mischief!
Now it's August...and the girls and I started it with a new tradition...Girls Trip...

It was a great weekend and we had lots of fun! I look forward to our next trip!! After started! UGH! They have to go to school when it's a million degrees and their poor brains are melting.
I may or may not started to play Plants V Zombies 2.... a lot. Rich may or may not been super jealous because it was not yet released to the Android! Apple FTW! Sept.... Big month!!! A birthday, A sweet sixteen, and 20 years...
Kristin turned sweet sixteen and had a "red carpet" party. She and her friends had a blast. It was lots of noisy happy fun. I had a birthday too...mine was just quieter. I also had an anniversary.... 20 years baby!
What happened to you between July, August and Sept? Remember to get that 4th week (Oct. Nov. and Dec. ready early. Plus...add to it what your goals are for 2014!! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Review Extravaganza April thru June

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It is time for part two of The Review Extravaganza! For the complete rules and the prizes go here. Now for my recap of April, May and June of 2013... April... My father gave us all a tremendous scare. He ended up with a severe case of pnumonia. He was intubated and in the ICU for about 5 days. Praise the Lord he made it out all right. He was on oxygen for several months. He now walks everyday, and only needs inhalers to keep his lungs clear. It was a miracle.
On the lighter side of things... Emily got glassess...who knew she was having such a hard time seeing!!!
Have you ever heard of "Vadering" yeah, well we all did it. I hope   think the neighbors thought we were nuts!
There was also the Spring Production of Bye Bye Birdie where Kristin was able to do something she does very well...FAN GIRl!

On the first Saturday in May, we went to our local comic book store for Free Comic Book Day.  Kristin cos-played as The Joker where she received a lot of attention.  She got major attention by one Hero in particular.  He even asked her to pose with his daughter (a little squirt about 3 years old dressed like Bat Girl!) She (Kristin was geeking out!)

Then there was Mother's Day, and guess what happens when you put a whole bunch of bloggers together to in one restaurant?  Welll....  Then in June...we had talent, camp outs, beach, birthdays and a MAN OF STEEL!!!  Before that first beach trip...Ryan treated us to his mad dance skills at the school talent show. 

There was also Ryan's first father/son camp out!
A MAN OF STEEL!!  ***Swoon***  See Emmy, I don't always root for the bad guy!
A birthday!  Emily turned 13 this year.  We had three milestone birthday's this year.  Hers was the first of the three.
Emily is so lucky she shares her birthday with the city, so every year she gets fireworks on her birthday! We go the weekend before the fourth every year.

And that about sums it up! What about you? Link up and get your chance to win over $600 in prizes. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Are you ready for week one of The Review Extravaganza?   If you need a refresher of the rules and prizes, just go check out that post right here.

Let's start with... JANUARY:

We went to Knott's Berry Farm!!

We went with Emmy and her family, plus a few other members of my family.
Ryan and Lucas riding together.  
I got held up
We had a blast!

Another thing we did in January was see a I had to rack my tiny mind to figure out what play that would have been.  To no avail, I was unable to figure it out.  So, I asked Kristin....

After giving it some careful thought, she was reminded of the play she was Tom Sawyer!  She played a boy.  She was a cute boy.  A cute boy with southern accent.  I enjoyed the show.  I do not have pictures from it.  That makes me sad.  The really funny part, her very pasty white English friend played Injun Joe!  And he did an amazing job.  


We celebrated my nephew's birthday....

We said goodbye to our Dear Elder!  (8 months now in Taiwan!)


The biggest thing in March would be a birthday....Rich's...which we likely combined with my Dad, my brother, and my other nephew.  Yes, March is a big birthday month in our family.

There was also Easter...

My (great) Nephew

Ryan on the Easter egg hunt in Grandma's yard.

Now it's your turn to link up.  To enter for the prizes just follow me on Twitter and Pinterest.  It is that easy.  You can get even more entries with the 7 other hostesses!  Go! Unless you don't want a chance to win!  Then come back next week for Part Two!" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November Smiles

Emmy Mom

Thanksgiving and all it's craziness made even Emmy forget about her regular Meme of Ten Things to Smile About.  Luckily she remembered and this gets me blogging this week!!!  And again later in the week for the Review Extravaganza!!! Woot!  Woot!

1.  My son got baptized.  
What a sweet day this was
2.  When your homework can include....
This's going to be fun!  Yep, I got to write about the actor not the character.  He is quite skilled at his craft, but then he preforms Shakespeare.  
3.  I asked my son if he liked girls (he is 8 mind you) he smirked a little but then he gave me one of these...
4.  Someone told me *cough* Emmy *cough*  that I am not supposed to like the bad guy... AKA Loki....
ummmm....have you seen the way he can command the stage?

This isn't even the full appearance!  Just saying.  

5.  And speaking of Thor the Dark World...we saw it twice already.... now we need to see it again... *cough* Emmy!  
Isn't that hysterical!?  (This is the Chinese Poster--by "accident")

6.   I got to see my Bestie!!!  Yippeee.  That is always fun!

7.  Kristin was one of about 10 students named student of the month.

8.  More fun homework, though it wasn't Tom Hiddleston this time.  It was Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams.  Cool!  I will miss this class!

9.  I have to poke fun at my niece who was noting on Thanksgiving that her genuine ugg boots were made out of real sheep did you know that they skinned the sheep and put it inside the boots?  Oh it got much worse when she started talking about the outside of the boots.  

10.  I made this movie trailer with iMovie...I think I may have problem as I am horribly addicted to this app.

What made you smile in November?

Monday, November 25, 2013

It's That Time Of Year...

We are so excited to announce the 4th Annual Review Extravaganza!  This is getting bigger each year and we are so excited to have you all join in with us.
ReviewExtravaganza 2013FFF

What is the Review Extravaganza
  -It is your way to look back over the year and each week recap three months at a time of what happened in your life, your favorite blog posts, favorite pictures- whatever you would like to share. (Here is an example of one of EmmyMom's recaps from last year)

We would like to introduce you to this year's 8 amazing hosts!
The HostsF

From Left to Right:(Click on the names to get you to their blog)

How to Play
- Each Thursday** in December link with your recap of 3 months at a time
    December 5th: Recap January, Feb, and March
    December 12th: Recap April, May and June
    December 19th: Recap July, August and September
    December 26th: Recap October, November and December and 5 goals for upcoming year
** Posts do not have to be posted on Thursday but MUST be posted by the following Wednesday to count.  So, the first week you can post Dec 5th through Dec 11th, etc.

The Rules
- Must link up a recap, not just a general blog post- please link to your actual post
- Must include the Review Extravaganza button in your post for your entry to count towards the prizes
- Must link up at least one week to be eligible to enter
- You will receive LOTS of bonus points for linking up all four weeks
- Anyone can recap with us-but you must live in the Continental US to be eligible to win the prizes
- We will be using Rafflecopter to keep track of entries and must use that form to get your bonus points
-There will be two winners this year, with a Grand Prize and a Runner Up Prize
The list of sponsors this year is amazing!  Such wonderful prizes that you have a chance to win.  

The Prizes
Our sponsors are so amazing and we love all the amazing things they are offering for the Review Extravaganza.  This year we have so many great sponsors that we are going to have two winners, one Grand Prize Winner and a Runner-up.  
Our wonderful sponsors (in no particular order)- please visit their sites and see what amazing things they have to offer.  Here are our sponsors in no particular order. 

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Mind Organization for Moms (M.O.M.) is a mom-specific adaptation of David Allen’s best-seller, Getting Things Done®, designed to help you accomplish your most important tasks so you can fully enjoy your family.
In our simple online program, we’ll show you how to clear your counter of “the pile,” organize projects without the stress, set up an effective Weekly Review system, and keep up with the never-ending stream of emails, phone calls, and papers (yes, it’s possible!).
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This couple met, feel in love and had babies.  As their babies finally started sleeping through the night, they realized that the babies' pajamas played a large part in how they slept, all incredibly soft and comfortable.  So they created a line of incredibly soft pajamas for women made with the same Pima cotton that our kids love to wear, in designs women will want to wear.  
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Thirty-one Retro Metro Wallet and Key Fob
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This cool and casual wallet includes 12 card slots, an interior zipper compartment and stylish snap closer.  It's perfect for teens or moms looking to carry their essentials around town.  This is being offered by Courtney a blogger (at Optimistic Mommy) and Thirty-one consultant.  Thirty-one makes beautiful and long-last purses and accessories.  They come in a variety of colors and styles and would be a perfect gift.  
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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00069]
Melody Nunez is a blogger, an artist and now a published author! Melody collected antique photos known as cabinet cards that were "orphans" from flea markets and antique stores.  They sparked her imagination and resulted in 14 short stories illustrated with photos "altered" by the author.  I (Emmymom) have read her book and love it!  Melody is giving two copies, both autographed to the lucky winners.  
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Kim Cannon Illustrations Print
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Kim is an aspiring children's book illustrator with ample experience in the visual arts field.  She aims to evoke both an emotion and a personal narrative with every image she creates.  Kim has a passion for art and strongly believes that it needs a stronger voice in the education system and she hopes to be able to incorporate these beliefs into her classroom.  Her illustration are her source of income and support for her education.

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Your Charmed Life -Personalized Hand Stamped Bracelet 
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And Finally
$25 Starbucks gift card- donated by our own Janette 
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$20 Amazon Gift Card- donated by our own Lourie
Grand Prize 
Wow!  That is quite the list of prizes, in fact almost $630 in prizes!!! 
Please visit all of our great sponsors by clicking on their links, these are all shops we love and support. 
Get ready, as next Thursday, December 5th this amazing extravaganza will begin!  Remember, the more you participate (hint recap all four weeks) the more chances you will receive to be one of the lucky winners.  Even if you don't win it is so much fun looking back and remembering the year, meeting new bloggers and reading other bloggers recaps.   Please remember you need to add the button to your recap posts to help spread the word; just copy and paste the code below the button to add it to your post.
If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment and ask.  

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