Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November Smiles

Emmy Mom

Thanksgiving and all it's craziness made even Emmy forget about her regular Meme of Ten Things to Smile About.  Luckily she remembered and this gets me blogging this week!!!  And again later in the week for the Review Extravaganza!!! Woot!  Woot!

1.  My son got baptized.  
What a sweet day this was
2.  When your homework can include....
This guy....it's going to be fun!  Yep, I got to write about the actor not the character.  He is quite skilled at his craft, but then he preforms Shakespeare.  
3.  I asked my son if he liked girls (he is 8 mind you) he smirked a little but then he gave me one of these...
4.  Someone told me *cough* Emmy *cough*  that I am not supposed to like the bad guy... AKA Loki....
ummmm....have you seen the way he can command the stage?

This isn't even the full appearance!  Just saying.  

5.  And speaking of Thor the Dark World...we saw it twice already.... now we need to see it again... *cough* Emmy!  
Isn't that hysterical!?  (This is the Chinese Poster--by "accident")

6.   I got to see my Bestie!!!  Yippeee.  That is always fun!

7.  Kristin was one of about 10 students named student of the month.

8.  More fun homework, though it wasn't Tom Hiddleston this time.  It was Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams.  Cool!  I will miss this class!

9.  I have to poke fun at my niece who was noting on Thanksgiving that her genuine ugg boots were made out of real sheep skin...like did you know that they skinned the sheep and put it inside the boots?  Oh it got much worse when she started talking about the outside of the boots.  

10.  I made this movie trailer with iMovie...I think I may have problem as I am horribly addicted to this app.

What made you smile in November?


Emmy said...

Movie trailers are so much fun to make. Number 9 made me laugh.

You sure called me out a lot in this post ;) So glad we got to see each other, we need to plan something for December, maybe even cough Thor, soon :)

Thanks for playing along, I will add your link for you ;)

Nicole said...

Still don't know who Loki is but this gives me a better idea :). Is he off of a movie?

I wrote a paper a couple weeks ago comparing Sir Gawain and the Green Knight to Robin Hood Men in Tights :).

What app is that?