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I Must Admit....

I  must admit it has been a very long time since I have participated in Mamarazzi's Friday Confession!  And I feel the need to unload....

The house elves quit cleaning my house again.  Stupid elves.  I actually think they never worked in my house in the first place.  
We have lived here almost 5 years now.  I can't even believe that.  One thing I missed right away was the sense of community.  Having lived on a military base for six years you kind of have that.  Out here, we didn't have that.  And not only kids.  It's a very quiet street.  Dead almost.  I kept hoping against hope for neighbors with kids.  Well be careful what you wish for.  We have neighbors with kids now.  They are 9, 6 and 4.   The six year old is in Ryan's class.  These kids come over daily asking if Ryan can play.  At first it was fun.  It was great in fact.  Now, the honeymoon is over.  And I am getting a glimpse into summer.  The 4 year old is just that 4.  And well...why do all THR…

Proud Mommy Moments: Look, Mom...

Ryan got a new bike earlier this month.  We used our tax return.  He was chomping at the bit to get it.  We looked online at several different styles.  He got a Mongoose.  It even has pegs on the front wheels for stunts--that he will not be doing!  It's a cool bike.   Funny thing, stunt pegs and all, it had training wheels.  He was riding it all over the place.  And from about the third or fourth day, he wanted them off.  We put it off.  It rained.  We put it off more.  He got sick.  We put it off.  I got siiiiiiiick.  And finally, Rich took those training wheels off. 

We thought we would be spending the afternoon taking turns helping him balance.  And the night fighting over the corn bag.  But that simply wasn't the case.  Rich said it took longer to find the right size socket wrench than it did for Ryan to take off and ride.  He just did it.  So yep, like any true parent and blogger, I grabbed my phone and made a quick video!

He blew us all away that day.  So I guess it wasn…

Random Tuesday!!!

I love Bill Engvall, he is proof positive that you can be funny without being gross, crude, or using foul language.  And as most of you know, he is most famous for stupid people should have to wear a sign that says, "I'm stupid" so you would know not rely on them.  Here's a good one...guy in a Porsche 911 gets himself stuck in the cement!  I am not sure what is better, the article or the comments.  It's a little like a train wreck.  You can't stop looking.

My laundry is piled high.  I know I was sick and it got forgotten.  I got it started last night.  Started.  It's still there.  Taunting me. 

I went Wally yesterday in search of a new backpack. know how lots of folks call it HELLmart?  Ever go on a weekend?  Or say on a holiday?  Then it is HELLmart!  It was awful.  Go early in the morning.  Better.  Oh and backpacks are totally seasonal.  We went to Target, Wally, and even Burlington.  All had boring blah packing backpacks.  I got a basic c…


Missing in Action:  Ca Girl

Last known sighting....

One of three public schools.  No she is not some weirdo she has three kids in three different schools.  Yeesh!

Description:  Six feet tall and disarmingly beautiful.  And incredibly modest.

She has been MIA for the last 4 days.  If seen please leave some comment love.

*Disclaimer:  I am not really MIA.  I am however recovering from some nasty stomach thing.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  I am going to try and catch up on blogs now!*