Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Just Life

I was at Walmart the other day, because it is just a fact of life.  You go.  You fill your cart and you choke when you see the total.  During this particular shopping trip, I did the unthinkable.  Yep, I tried on bathing suits.  Why did I torture myself?  Was I needing to be knocked down from my precarious pedestal?  Well when we went, it was crazy busy.  And I may or may not have had a severe slight case of gas.  And I may or may not have had a problem in the dressing room.  A very loud problem.  And there may or may not have been further evidence left behind.  And there may have been a woman sent to her doom as she was forced to use the only room left.  Yeah, she blogged about know she did.  At the very least you know she was texting her BF.  It would go something like this:  "OMG!!  This woman totally let 1 rip the drssing rm.  I might die in here" 

I sent Ryan and Emily to their rooms on Wednesday.  I was tired of their bickering. And I wanted quiet.  I may or may not have fallen asleep after that. 

I hate grocery shopping.  There I said it.  I feel better.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

White Lies

What is a white lie?  An untruth?  A harmless piece of misguided information?  It's supposedly okay to tell them a white lie; all in the name of sparing someone hurt feelings.  Or in my case in a little game that I learned about:  6 truths and a lie.  It's okay to lie here because I am going to fess up.  Before I do, I have to say the guesses were all over the place.  Well I don't HAVE to, I am just doing it to create tension.  Did it work?

#1 I got to meet the former President and First Lady:  TRUE

After 9/11 my husband was transferred to Washington D.C. as part of the beginning of Homeland Security.  He worked for The White House.  That is about the extent of my knowledge of his work there.  That and the cool benies he acquired.  Access to The White House.  We had the opportunity to see the East and West Wings.  Then Christmas 2002 we were invited to a special dinner for the people who brought Homeland Security together.  This included a meet and greet with President George W and Mrs. Bush.  It was really cool.  They announced you, you shook hands with them and then you got your picture taken.  Rich and I were scouring the house for our picture, but I think it is in a box buried in my garage.  My mom's copy is mutilated, so I turned it black and white and did some sharpening.   A side note, the extremely wonderful couple who watched Emily and Kristin for us, watched them after they were recovering from the stomach flu.  I forgot Emily's paci and the gal's husband went to the store and bought several hoping there would be a match.  How cool is that?  No such luck.  But they and Emily all survived....
#2  I sang a Latin Christmas song with Micky Dolenz on stage:  TRUE

First I just wanted you to hear the song.  It was 1989 and my good friend and I were attending a 3 day Monkees Convention.  On one of the days there was question and answer sessions from each one of them individually.  When it was Micky's turn, my friend and I made sure he noticed us.  We were loud, and we had about 10 in our group.  One of the cards he had asked if he could sing the Christmas Song.  He claimed to not know the words.  Then, he asked if anyone knew them.  Our hands shot up! "We know it!"  He invited us up to sing...along with a handful of others.  He told me to grab a mike which I quickly refused.  I told him I would share his.  Haha.  He humored me.  Awww.  My friend got edged out by another person, but I planted myself.  LOL

  My friend on the left in the yellow pants.  Check me out, with my arm around him like I am taking him home!  MINE!  
He was so into me!
#3 I got special access to the set of Quantum Leap..... TRUE!!!!

I have a little back story on this...well a little more anyway.  Okay QL fans, remember how that show leapt around even more than Sam!?  It was on Friday's, Sunday's and Wednesday's.  The day it did best on was Wednesday's.  More specifically, Wednesday's at 10PM.  After a mass snail mail letter campaign--imagine now with the internet!--the late Brandon Tartikoff--took the hint and put QL back in its sweet spot.  A handful of fans were selected to attend a private screening of the show that would air that first night along with a Q&A with the cast and the producers.  The show that would air is called:  81/2 months in which Sam leaps into a pregnant teenager in the 1950's.  Scott Bakula did an amazing job.  After seeing that episode years later post giving birth, I truly appreciated his skill.  After the Q&A Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell stayed for pictures and autographs.  My same friend and I were blessed to talk with Scott for a good 45 minutes.  He's very nice.  ... Okay now to the special access...

My friend and I ran two fan clubs, one for the Monkees and one for Quantum Leap.  Quantum Leap was a closed set, but I tell ya friend finagled and BSed her way for us onto that closed set.  We spent the night at a friends who lived in Hollywood.  I was sicker than a dog with some miserable cold/flu thing.  I had a horrible case of laryngitis.  But you know, when you are get extra special attention.  Scott Bakula was giving me medical advice.  I am surprised he didn't bring me tea to drink!  Meanwhile Dean Stockwell was saying, "You poor kid." haha.   Oh and we were there about 2 maybe 3 hours and in that time they completed one shot for one scene!  Yeah.  But who cares??  I got to stand and oggle admire Scott Bakula.
Me and Dean.  
See that, that is his arm around me.  Oh yeah, he was into me too.

#4  I auditioned for a Bud Light Commercial...twice!   TRUE!!!

Now this one has stirred some controversy since I am LDS.  No, I do not drink.  I have never been drunk and quite frankly I despise the very smell of beer.  So why audition for a commercial selling BEER???  Well because I was 21 and wanting to get my foot in the door.  I auditioned for the first one at a bar in Long Beach and the second time at another bar in Huntington Beach.  Kids, don't try this at home or at bars.

#5 I attended a Garth Brooks press conference....TRUE!

I entered a drawing on the local radio.  My name was drawn and I had to call within 9 minutes and 43 seconds (their call numbers) to claim my prize.  Interestingly enough, their lines were busy!  Were people trying to call to claim they were me??  Well I beat them.  I got my prize.  We were taken by bus to LA for a press conference about the release of his first Christmas Album.  Fans got to ask questions.  I was in the presence of greatness.  I lost my ability to think. speak. or move.  But I was all of ten feet away from him.  It was cool.

#6  I was part of a test group for the foster farms chickens commercials.  TRUE

I was indeed.  My sister and I were strolling through the mall and we got snagged to view the story boards.  I remember thinking they were so stupid.  Why would they WANT to be Foster Farms chickens?  I just didn't appreciate the humor behind it.  Neither did my sister because we both said we didn't like them.  And now every time I see those commercials, I laugh.  I laugh because they are funny.  And I laugh because I said they weren't!  All those years ago.

#7  I participated in a line dance contest and won tickets to see Brooks and Dunn.  Oh how I wish it were not FALSE!  See it's kind of true...there's just a white lie in there.  My husband and I did in fact participate in a line dance, and I believe cowboy cha-cha to win tickets to see Brooks and Dunn.  We were all decked out.  Hats, boots, matching shirts that looked like a shirt that Ronny Dunn wore.  And I was wearing a short skirt...not super short, but short none the less.  Why not show some leg right?  See the dances were judged (unfairly) by audience participation.  I think it should have been left up to the radio station who was hosting the event.  We were robbed!  The people that won had lots of friends with them.  Not fair.  Even the radio people said we should have won.  But I guess not enough to sneak us some tickets anyway!  Oh well. 

So there you have it.  Did you have fun?  Were you surprised?  Would you like to play along?  Drama Mama and I are starting a new MEME which we will be doing on Thursday's!  Two truths and a lie!  Tell some truth and tell a White Lie.  Then we will come back the following week and fess up and start again.  If I had known we were going to do this, I would have saved some of these for later.  

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Okay we weren't babysitting him, we watched his big sister...
Kristin was very excited.  She wants Ryder to laugh and smile.  He will.
He is such a peanut.  But not for long.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Truth is Out There...

Today is Super Sticky Day, but we are going to make a game of it.  Last week, Drama Mama told her readers that she was going to tell them six truths and a lie.  And then they had to guess which one was the lie.  She had some doozies.  And well she fooled me!!  So I want to see if I can fool you!  Probably not, but humor me anyway, k. 

Okay that one is true! Okay...seriously now....

So is it all just random BS or is there truth in there?  Well, all but ONE is true!  Can you pick it out?  Give it a go.

Monday, June 21, 2010


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