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It's Just Life

I was at Walmart the other day, because it is just a fact of life.  You go.  You fill your cart and you choke when you see the total.  During this particular shopping trip, I did the unthinkable.  Yep, I tried on bathing suits.  Why did I torture myself?  Was I needing to be knocked down from my precarious pedestal?  Well when we went, it was crazy busy.  And I may or may not have had a severe slight case of gas.  And I may or may not have had a problem in the dressing room.  A very loud problem.  And there may or may not have been further evidence left behind.  And there may have been a woman sent to her doom as she was forced to use the only room left.  Yeah, she blogged about know she did.  At the very least you know she was texting her BF.  It would go something like this:  "OMG!!  This woman totally let 1 rip the drssing rm.  I might die in here" 

I sent Ryan and Emily to their rooms on Wednesday.  I was tired of their bickering. And I wanted qui…

White Lies

What is a white lie?  An untruth?  A harmless piece of misguided information?  It's supposedly okay to tell them a white lie; all in the name of sparing someone hurt feelings.  Or in my case in a little game that I learned about:  6 truths and a lie.  It's okay to lie here because I am going to fess up.  Before I do, I have to say the guesses were all over the place.  Well I don't HAVE to, I am just doing it to create tension.  Did it work?

#1 I got to meet the former President and First Lady:  TRUE

After 9/11 my husband was transferred to Washington D.C. as part of the beginning of Homeland Security.  He worked for The White House.  That is about the extent of my knowledge of his work there.  That and the cool benies he acquired.  Access to The White House.  We had the opportunity to see the East and West Wings.  Then Christmas 2002 we were invited to a special dinner for the people who brought Homeland Security together.  This included a meet and greet with President Geo…


Okay we weren't babysitting him, we watched his big sister... Kristin was very excited.  She wants Ryder to laugh and smile.  He will. He is such a peanut.  But not for long.

The Truth is Out There...

Today is Super Sticky Day, but we are going to make a game of it.  Last week, Drama Mama told her readers that she was going to tell them six truths and a lie.  And then they had to guess which one was the lie.  She had some doozies.  And well she fooled me!!  So I want to see if I can fool you!  Probably not, but humor me anyway, k. 

Okay that one is true! Okay...seriously now....

So is it all just random BS or is there truth in there?  Well, all but ONE is true!  Can you pick it out?  Give it a go.


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