Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Heartfelt Thanks

(image from Google, but yep this is their house)

Dear Neighbor,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your genuine concern for me and my family.  It was so sweet of you to take note of the condition of our yard, the brown spots.  It was also so very kind of you to notice the fence being in need of repairs.  Then there was the issue of the Christmas lights, I do like to use them as added light for my porch, but you didn't know that.  How thoughtful it was of you to come to us and offer to help with these pressing matters.

But wait a second....you didn't.  Instead, you whined and cried to the city who then proceeded to put a warning citation on our door with a 30 day notice to comply.  Three mentions of Christmas lights, which truthfully can't really be seen, and were listed as what did you call it, "A public nuisance."  To make sure the lights were made note of they were on the citation not once, not twice, but THREE times. The fence that needs repair, I believe your children are partially responsible for that mess.  I won't lay full blame on them as I know that there are other random and rotten Junior and High School children who have their share of damage to it as well.  I digress.  If my yard was such a public eye sore, perhaps you should have come to me, to see if maybe we needed help with it.  You might have learned that times are tough right now, that we no longer can afford lawn care, we can't fix the fence right now, and yes I actually use my Christmas light which you seem to think are a public nuisance.  However, you would not know that because you could not trouble yourself to come and see if we needed help.

Oh, but wait....I just did!  You see, I am mostly a nice person, but I will blog about you if you cross me, and you dear neighbor have.  This is not the first time either.  I am not sure what it is about me that you do not like, but you have decided that I am the salt of the earth.  It is time to look in the mirror, remove the beam from your eye and be careful throwing those stones for your house is made of glass!

What kind of neighbors do you have?