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Random Stuff and Maybe a Question

I tell ya, I have no time management skills.  No memory.  And no sense of direction.  I just kind of go.  Does anybody else do this?  Or is just me?

We made a film yesterday.  Have you ever heard of, or watched, "Finding BigFoot?"  It's quite amusing actually.  These people seriously go from place to place in search of, you guessed it... BIGFOOT!  They do some pretty crazy stuff.  And it is very easy to make fun of.  Well one evening we started making up this elaborate scene and it escalated into a little mini episode.  Kristin was the master mind behind it.  She quickly wrote a script using what we joked about and adding to it.  There was talk of finding a fresh pile of Sasquatch poop.  So I jokingly said I wonder if I could MAKE some.  There is a world of recipes out there for POOP!  It's crazy.  So I made some edible poop!  Yep.  Edible poop!

It's nuts and melted chocolate.  Pretty gnarly isn't it?  Does this make me a cool mom or a crazy one?  Either wa…