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A Tribute

I am stepping away from my usual Friday fun and games this week.  On Monday a very sweet and much loved lady in our church died.  She was the first person to introduce herself to me when we came here.  My mom and many others say the same thing.  She was known for her sweet heart and her fabulous rolls. She served others whenever she was asked and even when she wasn't.   She touched a heart that is close to mine.  My daughter's heart.

In my church, when the girls are age 8-12 they are involved in a program called Activity Days.  They meet twice a month and have a lesson and activity.  When we moved here, this lady was Kristin's Activity Days teacher.  She loved this sweet sister, and would give her hugs every time she saw her.  It broke her heart when I told her the news.  As heart broken as she was it gave me a very unique opportunity to remind her of God's beautiful plan for us.  To testify to her that death is not an end.  And now this sweet lady has joined her husba…

Headaches, Walmart and Cars

Headaches are mean.
Headaches are cruel.
Especially when headaches are MIGRAINES!

A headache is one thing, but these migraines are deadly on some days.  I am sure this last one was out to get me.  Despite the headache of death, I went to the Super Wally.  Super Wally is about 10 or 12 miles...maybe more...from home.   I went to Super Wally because I thought that would help. 

Speaking of van is doing something weird.  I thought it was the shocks, my mom said it might the bushings the mechanic I spoke with on the phone thinks the car is too young and not enough mileage for that.  Though he couldn't make a diagnosis over the phone.  For that, I have to bring the car in and pay $45.

Headaches come in all forms!


I am what I like to call...Heinz 57 since I am so full of variety.   My husband enjoys teasing me that I have messed up his perfect bloodlines.  I merely added flavor.  And those flavors are predominately …

DWTS Instant Dancing!?

Tonight on DWTS, the stars are faced with not only performing two dances, but one of them they will not know what their music is until they take the stage.  Now that is just crazy!  But I can't wait to see how they do. "Instant Dance" is what it is called, and Len says it is more like a Ballroom style of competition.  Bruno says they have less than an hour before going on the stage.  Only five remain and this is the true test of their abilities. 

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer 1-800-868-3403
Kyle and Lacey are dancing the Viennese Waltz.  Tonight Lacey is really after Kyle for his foot work. I mean she is yelling at him and being a drill Sergeant. The first dance sets the tone.  And what a tone they have set! Kyle's hard work pays off.  He was very focused, and their dance was beautiful.  Len commended him for his posture, leads and finished with, "Last week you were a little bud and this week, a gorgeous orchid."  Bruno told him he was totally charmed by h…

The Status Quote

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It's time to let each other know what our friends are thinking or doing.  It's the Status Quote.  If you have never played before, it's really easy.  Simply post the different status updates from your friends at FB or Twitter or both!  Leaving out names and locations.  If you are not on FB or Twitter, no worries simply sit back and enjoy the fun!

The Curse

Unless you live under a rock, don't have cable, or children between 6 and 15, you probably don't know about Demi Lovato going to rehab.  This Disney kid is in rehab for supposed cutting and an eating disorder.  A teenage girl in Hollywood with an eating disorder?  I know, who would ever believe it!?  But it begs the question...are the Disney kids cursed; destined to become washed out or a disgrace the Disney name. 

Well let's take a little trip shall we.  I like this person fine...on her show.  I can't believe a show I thought would never last, ran for 5 years.  Now, she is not a wash out.  However, I do think she has made an abundance of poor choices.  Which surprises me, given her Daddy is just a "good ol' boy from Kentucky."  But what do I know? 

Another girl, I really liked when she first started.  She showed so much promise.  And what happened?  Did her head get too big?  How did her parents miss the signs of her going on that slippery slope? 

How …