Monday, November 8, 2010

The Status Quote


It's time to let each other know what our friends are thinking or doing.  It's the Status Quote.  If you have never played before, it's really easy.  Simply post the different status updates from your friends at FB or Twitter or both!  Leaving out names and locations.  If you are not on FB or Twitter, no worries simply sit back and enjoy the fun! not surprised to discover that toddlers have no interest in Daylight Saving Time. "Please up, Mama! All done night-night!"  Generally speaking no one does, but little ones seem to be most affected.  No wonder Ryan is bouncing off the walls today!

BEWARE!  Mood swings ahead!  :/  I don't give warnings...she is very good to her family!

Ranger (the dog) seriously has nine lives...I think about 7 of them are gone. He was out in the dark (he is black) for over 2 hours last night...and somehow I went outside to look for him (while B was driving around) and he came trotting down the street. Gave me a heart attack.  Probably just looked at you like, hi mom!

My phone is possessed  I hate when that happens!

Don't touch my chairs and no one gets hurt!  Someone needs chocolate.

Dear Self, Did you really expect that the wide variety of movies available on streaming Netflix would mean your kids wouldn't drive you crazy by watching the same show over and over and over and over? You should have known that it would just give them a bigger choice of WHICH movie to watch over and over and over and over.  We have that problem in the van.  I now know Finding Nemo from start to finish and back again.

Raking leaves on a windy day is absurd.  Kind of makes leaf blowers redundant.

Help! Call the police! There's a crazy person in my bedroom! Oh. Wait it's just me. Never mind... damn  The police stopped coming after the third or fourth time I made that call.

Is thankful for school  My favorite commercial(for back to school) is the Staples one...."It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year...."  Oh gotta love it!

Do I offend?  I don't know....what did you do?

Lady drove by the house, curlers still in her hair ... reminds me that I still need MY coffee  Does your wife know you are a window monitor?

Work can wait while you show a child the rainbow. The rainbow won't wait while you do the work. – Unknown  I love this.  Thanks for posting it.
Ah, 2 days off to torture my kids. :)  A girl after my own heart!

I HATE the fact that it is 5:00 and that it's dark!!’  Me too!  Boo!
I changed a headlight bulb in the garage, (warmer & with light) while holding a baby... I am awesome  Dude, you are beyond awesome!  

What are you friends saying?  Link up and play!


Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone is too happy about the time change. Although it is nice to put the kids on the bus in the daylight.

Lauralyn said...

I made the status quote post! I'm so excited. :)

The time change post wasn't me, but I so agree with that. I wish they would just pick a time and stick with it!

Christina Lee said...

heh heh Totally snickering at the crazy person in bedroom one!

Emmy said...

Yeah, it was kind of nice living in AZ and not having to deal with the time change.

Great list and loved your comments :)

Rachel said...

very fun to read. My kids seemed to adjust to the time change without too much trouble! That's a relief!

mormonhermitmom said...

I've scared myself in a mirror before. HATE THAT! It's not fun realizing that I would NEVER want to meet myself in a dark alley.

Nikki said...

lol these are great! so much fun! I did it too!

Nicole said...

So where do I like up at??

Amy said...

5 oclock and dark makes me sad. However, I am loving daylight savings as my kids are going to bed earlier and sleeping just as much.

The View From A Saddle said...

I do hate that it gets dark at 5:00... but I LOVE that is is daylight at 6:30 AM!! I don't have to drive in the dark anymore!! No more scanning the roadsides for big, white tailed, jumping critters

Holly said...

The time change has messed me up. This is such a fun feature...I saw mine...I didn't think I had anything worthy to say this week...thanks!

blueviolet said...

The one about the crazy person in the room CRACKED me up!

The Drama Mama said...

YOu need to remind me about this. You've got some GREAT ones this week!! Can I have some of your friends? ;)