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Friday Five: A+B=C

Friday is here! Some weeks just drag on and on! I am so thankful Emmy's weekly meme to keep me in check, but to also help me write at least once a week. I thought I had been slacking lately, but honestly I am not. Here's the deal...A+B=C....
1.  A+B=C  I am taking an intermediate math course right now and it consuming my time and energy. Not to mention it is plaguing me with doubt and anxiety. If I could hire a tutor I would, but that is not an option. Don't feel sorry me. Pray for me, send good vibes or whatever you want because I need it all!
2.  A+B=C.... I have been told for years by doctors that walking will help my knees. Well, I have been walking and now my left is swollen! It hurts a lot. Where's my happy knee that I was promised!? I feel so lied to! 
3.  A+B=C When you go to your best friend's house, hilarity will ensue! I got to see Emmy again! What a treat that we saw each other twice in a 30 day span! We played a gambit of improv games compliments of Krist…