Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Five: A+B=C

Emmy Mom

Friday is here! Some weeks just drag on and on! I am so thankful Emmy's weekly meme to keep me in check, but to also help me write at least once a week. I thought I had been slacking lately, but honestly I am not. Here's the deal...A+B=C....

1.  A+B=C  I am taking an intermediate math course right now and it consuming my time and energy. Not to mention it is plaguing me with doubt and anxiety. If I could hire a tutor I would, but that is not an option. Don't feel sorry me. Pray for me, send good vibes or whatever you want because I need it all!

2.  A+B=C.... I have been told for years by doctors that walking will help my knees. Well, I have been walking and now my left is swollen! It hurts a lot. Where's my happy knee that I was promised!? I feel so lied to! 

3.  A+B=C When you go to your best friend's house, hilarity will ensue! I got to see Emmy again! What a treat that we saw each other twice in a 30 day span! We played a gambit of improv games compliments of Kristin(my oldest) and there was a lot of laughter.

4.  A+B=C... Verizon is the devil, but their service/product is stellar so I am a slave to it. I am still sorting out a huge mess with them regarding payment arrangements and auto-pulls from my bank. What a mess. Don't switch to Verizon. Stay with whatever devil company you already have. They all suck for one reason or another.

5.  A+B=C  We had a full turkey dinner on Valentine's day.  It was a lot of work, but it was oh so yummy. Plus it came in handy for leftovers! 

We played Ticket to Ride...Our Ryan won....Did you know that Kristin's boyfriend is also named, Ryan!?

Miss Alex, Emmy's girl, did the hoola hoop for 6 minutes 16.28seconds! She even read a book!

As I said, we did some improv games. Emmy proposed to Lucas but quickly rejected leaving her in a heap. Kristin came to the rescue!

It is REALLY hard to drink a pop this way! Yes, I tried to.

My brother is getting really good at photoshop. So I sent him a picture of me and told him to work his magic. He said, he didn't do much. Awww. Looks cool though!