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UN Mother's Day?

It is that time of year when mom's everywhere will be treated to mushy cereal, warm milk and runny eggs.  That time of year where moms are given trinkets of love and affection.  When we were kids, we would ask our mom what she wanted for Mother's Day.  Her response was always the same, "I want the house to be clean."  And you know what?  We never did it.  And now years later, I realize and fully appreciate that response. 

A few weeks ago, my mom and I were talking about Mother's Day.  And she came up with a brilliant idea!  We should have an UN mother's day.  A day where we moms don't have to do anything, except maybe hang out at the pool that's at the hotel we are staying at.  A drink of your choice (diet coke for me please) one of those big obnoxious floppy hats and a cushioned lounge chair.  There is no laundry to be done because this is UN mother's day.  You don't have to wipe any butts or noses because it is UN mother's day.  No dish…

P is for Pity Party

I have a waaaahbulance standing by just in case.  P is for PITY PARTY!  I am having one.  You all can join me if you want.  Misery loves company you know.  Really?  I guess so...I have "frownies" for comfort.  So why the Pity Party?  Well I am glad you asked.

A few weeks ago, we had to have our water heater replaced.  Not a big deal. We only had to pay for the service call.  Only a day and half without hot water.  Hot showers are awesome!  AnyPity....on with the Party.    The next thing to break was our furnace.  I discovered this when one cold morning I came downstairs to see my thermostat reading at 63*  Yeah 63 freaking degrees!  Where's my 70!?  I want warmth.  I am a cranky person when I am too cold.  I am also a cranky person when I am too hot.  Better keep me comfortable.  So, I call the home warranty people and they have a guy come out that same day.  He finds the problem.  The temperature gauge is not working.  It's this little tiny thingie jigger that look…

It's Getting Harder

It's getting harder as we draw nearer to the end of the season.  The competition is getting tougher and the celebs are getting better and better.  Who do you vote for?  At first, you vote for everyone because everyone should get a shot.  Usually after the first week you know who is going to go early on.  Sometimes people get stay for a while because of popularity.  But now it's getting harder, especially when out of no where the ones you are worried about or think should go away make an overnight transformation!

Maks and Erin were first with a Quick Step.  Maks wants to do a bit with him taking his pants off.  Erin is not happy.  At all.  They actually had a real fight this time.  Of course it all works out in the end, and Maks indeed takes his pants off to reveal another brighter pink salmon pair of pants.  Their dance was fabulous.  And Len absolutely loved the bit with the pants and the dance calling it Erin's best dance yet!!  Bruno and Carrie Ann commend her for beau…


It's time for Post-Its...or Sticky Note Tuesday.  You can play along with everyone else over at Supah Mommy's Blog.

Making Waves

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I am not a fan of making waves. I go out of my way to keep things peaceful.  This is not always a good thing.  Some times it is good to rock the boat.  That being said, I am going to rock the boat today.  If you have a weak stomach, you may want to disembark at this point.  Otherwise, secure your life vests that are stored under your seats and let's get this boat moving.

A couple of weeks ago, I overheard a conversation that caught my attention.  I will admit right here and now, that I am a nosy person.  And if I find a conversation interesting, I will listen.  So be careful what you say around me.  I just might be listening, and then it will end up on the world wide web. 

This conversation was about not vaccinating your children.  Whoah now!  Sit down everyone.  Let's not throw anyone overboard.  We are all friends here.  The conversation was about how some doctors won't even treat a child if they haven't been immunized.  Now I think that is extreme…