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Worst Date

On this confession Friday, Glamazon has asked us to share our worst date ever.  Well, since we are confessing...I will confess that I really didn't date a whole lot.  I had one off and on boyfriend in high school.  We went out on actual dates maybe two or three times and they were fun.  One may have been a disaster in his mind as I was the center of attention.  But that was not my worst date.  I had a lot of male friends.  Let's face it, there are a lot of mean chicks out there.  Guys were easier to be friends with.  At least for me.  But even though I had many male friends, and even did things with some of them, they were not "dates."  Just friends going to a movie.  Of course, Rich will tease me and tell me I ripped broke their hearts out.

That being said, there was a guy who I went out with for a brief time.  I was 21, and smokin' hot!  For the first time in my life, I felt like a beautiful person.  I was also incredibly naive.   This guy seemed all right at …

Z is for....

When I was growing up, we took regular trips to Utah to visit family.  I can remember getting up at o dark thirty in order to beat the heat.  Pffft yeah right.  I don't think Las Vegas ever gets below 90.  I digress.  When I was a kid, the I-15 did not go straight through from CA to UT the way it does now.  When I was a kid, you had to drive through all the little towns in Utah.  All the little towns, that are no longer little and you can totally bypass on the I-15. 

We always did our trip in one day.  Ugh!  Looking back, I wonder how my mom stood that.  I wouldn't.  I would drive to St. George and stop for the night.  Or maybe Mesquite.  But no, we went ALL. DAY. LONG.  And my dad didn't stop unless he had to for gas and for eats.  We didn't get out, stretch, run, look around.  We stopped, peed, and got right back on the road.  So we played lots of travel games.  One such game is the Alphabet game.  How apropos since this is the last of Alphabae-Thursday until school …


Want it!

Let Me Entertain You...

Okay so I got some more awards.  I need a new shelf!  I am sooo excited.  *ahem* The first is the Versatile Blogger award.  Now I have two!  And why not? I mean if actors and actresses can have multiple Oscars and Emmys then we can have multiple blog awards!  Thank you very much, CJ and now for 7 things about me.  Let me know if you ever get bored of that part.
7 Things
1.  I am extremely hyper right now(Monday) 2.  I can't stop moving. 3.  Yesterday it was the opposite(Sunday) 4.  I was in a state of dread 5.  Thank goodness for medication! 6.  Cymbalta and Wellbutrin I love you 7.  And so does my family!
So now to pass The Versatile Blogger Award to.... Laura Lynn at Enjoying the Simple Things Nikki at Simple Living in a Big City "Sandy" at The Wonders of Doing
And the next award comes from Shelley at Hand in Hand. Thank you very much, Shelley.  Now I just have to answer these random questions...
1. What would your perfect day consist of ? A day lazing around a pool.  Dinner out becau…

Fat Enough?

I know as a society we a word..."fat."  Just spend a day at the beach or the pool and you will unfortunately see evidence of that.  Did you know that Disney gave "It's A Small World" a face lift?  Yeah, I thought it was to change things in the ride.  Adding to the countries and such.  Nope.  It has been retrofitted. Retrofitted for our ever spreading fannies.  Apparently the ride was getting stuck because the boats were being weighed down.  They made lighter and wider boats, and increased the depth of the water in the areas where the ride was having "problems."  Disney does not directly admit that is reason for the changes.  But you can go here, and make up your own mind.

Disney is not the only one with problems with wide loads.  The new Harry Potter adventure in Orlando, has a ride that will not fit someone who weighs 265 pounds and over.  I know, crazy right.  The real crazy thing is, that person insists that most HP fans are that size.  R…