Friday, July 16, 2010

Worst Date

On this confession Friday, Glamazon has asked us to share our worst date ever.  Well, since we are confessing...I will confess that I really didn't date a whole lot.  I had one off and on boyfriend in high school.  We went out on actual dates maybe two or three times and they were fun.  One may have been a disaster in his mind as I was the center of attention.  But that was not my worst date.  I had a lot of male friends.  Let's face it, there are a lot of mean chicks out there.  Guys were easier to be friends with.  At least for me.  But even though I had many male friends, and even did things with some of them, they were not "dates."  Just friends going to a movie.  Of course, Rich will tease me and tell me I ripped broke their hearts out.

That being said, there was a guy who I went out with for a brief time.  I was 21, and smokin' hot!  For the first time in my life, I felt like a beautiful person.  I was also incredibly naive.   This guy seemed all right at first.  Very sweet.  He even sent me flowers.  Then on our last official date, it went sour.  See we were supposed to be going to San Diego.  We were supposed to be starting the day at IHOP.  What we did was go to his mom's and have breakfast there.  I was never so uncomfortable in my life.  There was family visiting also.  I just wanted to leave.  Actually I wanted to bust through the front door and run all the way home.  But I stayed.  Then it was time to San Diego.  He took me to the mountains.  What the heck?  Seriously?  I remember very little about it.  We walked around the trails and stuff.  I was mad.  Real mad.  I just wanted to go home.  He later apologized and promised to take me to San Diego next time.  Yeah, what happened was me tearing him a new one.  I then swore off all males since they were scum, liars, dogs, turds, big butts, jerks, evil...well you get it.  I didn't date another dog man until May of 1992.  Then I met a totally different kind of guy.  The kind of guy who keeps his word.  Loves unconditionally, and treats women with the upmost respect.  That's why I married him.

Side note:  Jerk guy once commented about my hair--which was short at the time-- that I had nice hair but it would be even nicer longer.  Oh no he didn't!  Oh yes he did!  And I am not one to be crossed.  I said, "Well it's my hair, and I like it short!" This occurred before the disaster date.  Hmmm was he trying to control me!  LOL.  What a toad. 

That is my worst date ever.  Rich and I never had a bad one.  We had a failed one.  We had won tickets to a Martina McBride concert when Ryan was a newborn.  We had someone come in to watch him and the girls.  I was all gussied up.  I was looking good for a Mama of a newborn!  Woohoo!  But ooops...we looked at the tickets and they were for the NIGHT BEFORE!  Is that sad or what?  What was your worst date ever?  Did you ever have a date fail?


Emmy said...

Oh no! That is so sad you missed the concert... especially since you we all prepared to go.

silfert said...

Hmm... I can't remember any dates that were truly horrible, but I do remember two that were incredibly awkward. One guy showed up at the door with his buddy in tow. Yeah, WHAT?

Another time, I agreed to go on a blind date. I found out during our lunch that the guy's mom, who belonged to the music club we went to every month, STOLE the membership list and gave him my information! Creepy.

mormonhermitmom said...

Not a bad worst date considering.
I refuse to talk about mine. Some dogs are just best left buried.

Linda Medrano said...

Why did he take you to the mountains instead of San Diego? I'd be mad too. LOL!

I've had so many bad dates it would be hard to choose just one. But maybe the Golden Gloves boxer turned moving man who showed up drunk and later tried to stick his tongue down my throat while he clutched at my boob and crotch was pretty high on the list!

Shelley said...

Why would he take you to the mountains? What a weird thing to do! Was he trying to get a little action or what? I'm so glad you found someone who treats you right!

That's sad you missed the concert!

Terry said...

omg about the concert!!

Together We Save said...

Oh I have had some bad one but missing a concert would be tough!

Kellie said...

That's sad about the concert :( At least you married a great guy in the end.

Glamazon said...

Oooh, meeting the extended fam on the first date. Awkward. Good thing you got rid of him!

Concert...that sucks. I recently did that for a play, but called the director and he let us in anyway :) (The benefits of living in a small town! I guess Martina wouldn't have understood? :)

Imaginative Me said...

Hey I had more male friends than female, until dear hubby came along. Then is wasn't right! The worst date I can think of right now was with my b=hubby. We had my horrible family staying with us, and wanted to get out. We went to Dinner and planned on a movie also, but got a flat on the way to the theater. And my dear family took hours, literally, to locate us in a gas station parking lot. They were pretty new to the city. So we spent our evening in the car in a gas station parking lot after most everything on the street had closed!!! But we did make the most of it :) LOL!

Laura Lynn said...

Funny! I've been meaning to do a blog post about my worst date ever and the guy with hair implants that I couldn't stop staring at. They looked like a hairbrush!
Anyway, I'll get to it some day.

I wish I would've seen this on Friday - was up to my ears in work!

I had a few bad dates and I'm glad those days are over!