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Instagram--Photoaday July

I am so out of touch with the blogging community.  I hope to one day be a part of it again.  This is my way saying I am still here despite dramas and day to day living.  Plus I really suck at time management. I do however participate with Fatmumslim and her monthly instagram photoaday challenge.  And now I am linking up with Emmy  and Janette of the Johanson Journey.

1.  Self portrait...I am not real comfortable doing these. 2.  I am always "busy" that day it was laundry. 3.  The best part my day was giving myself a pedi 4.  It was no "fun" searching for lost kitty.  5.  My feet "on the floor" of the ocean 6.  This was supposed to "chair" it was mishap in editing...this is the "big" picture that just happens to be a "chair"

7.  I don't have a "garden" so I used the one at Wal-Mart!
8.  My lunch...after I ate it that is!
9.  Bear in a "chair"
10.  My favorite color is red.
11.  A letter ...K a candle…