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Proud Mommy Moments--Proof

I have been doing a lot of bragging about my kids lately, but this time I have photographic proof!

After our shopping trip on Saturday, Kristin told me she wanted chocolate chip cookies.  I told her she could make them.  I was totally serious too.  Emily asked me what was for dinner.  I told her I didn't know.  She named a few things that I promptly turned down.  And then she landed on spaghetti.  And I said, that is easy, and she could make it!  Who am I???  Who cares!  I like her.

I helped them a little here and there, but they did most the work.  The spaghetti was good and the cookies were yummy!!!  Yep, I was proud!

Off to School

Yesterday was the first day school.  It was a little bittersweet.  It sucked that the teachers had to take the cuts(as well the kids) but it was nice that the kids got an extra 3 weeks.  It allowed extra beach trips, swim days, and lazy days for the kids.

A part of me felt a little melancholy about the fact that they are not only getting older but they are in such different places.

Ryan is leaving little kidom behind and moving into his tween years.  He is gaining independence littl by little.  When I offered to go with him to drop him off, he said I could just drop him off at the gate.  My heart died a little.  But I let him be a man.  He already won't let me hug him publicly. But he will hold my hand at least.

Emily has surprised me this year.  She went into 7th grade daring anyone to stop her.  And I see a very interesting year ahead for her.  She is taking drama this year.  She has developed a very strong interest in it.  It can do that little lamb wonders.

Kristin went in a…

Crazy Random Stuff

Did you notice that the 80's are coming back?  
I remember wearing stuff exactly like this.  I loved these clothes.  I wanted them.  I had most of them.  Now with them coming back....hmmm...not sure how I feel about it now.

Today marks the first day of school, but since I am actually typing this the night before, I have no pictures and no stories to tell.  You will just have to tune in tomorrow.

Tell me why bra manufacturers make bras that are padded, and I mean super padded for women who are large in the cup department?  Why on earth would I want to double my cup size!?  Good grief, I would put someone's eye out!

Kristin recently discovered Lois & Clark:  The New Adventures of Superman.  What a great show that was.  She is into it.  So I am working on getting her into Quantum Leap.  Any fellow Leapers out there?

I have been tweeting and posting in Facebook to Monkees sites/Twitter accounts random things that include Monkee quotes that only a Monkee himself or a hardcore…

What Did You Do This Summer?

Do you remember that question in school?  And all your classmates would talk about their grand adventures of how they went to the moon, and road a spaceship, and talked to an alien from another planet??  Okay so maybe I am exaggerating just a tad.

This summer started off with a bang, when my kindly neighbors took it upon themselves to report me to CPS as they were so concerned with well being of my children.  Of course every single one of their claims were completely bogus and the case worker knew that the second she walked in the door of my house.

But because drama and me go together like pancakes and syrup, it could not stop there.  Rich had to go and break his toe.  It sounds simple enough, but when you are misbehaving diabetic it is anything but simple.  He was hospitalized for three days due to infection...

But despite the dramas we still managed to have fun.  We went to the beach 3 times.  Rich even got to one of the times!

And on another one of our beach trips, Ryan tried out …