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Proud Mommy Moments

Did you miss me?  I was here and then I was gone again.  I'm like a ninja!  I have mad skills!  It was my birthday you know!  Got to celebrate with my family which meant I got to see my bestie!

But today is actually not about me and the blast we all had.  And the fact that my sneaky friend and her hubby got me a microwave cause mine died that very same day!!!  Nope this is about...

So really quickly I will share a proud moment on all three...and they are truly proud ones.  Yippeee!
Kristin for (forgive me girl) catching a guy friend in the act of looking at her chest and she quickly snapped her fingers and said, "Eyes up here dude!"  Do you love you her??
Emily for taking drama this year and already bursting out of her shell!  You go girl!  
Ryan...deep breath everyone...his teacher called heart sank when Rich told me this.  He had an AWESOME day.  Stayed on task.  Did what he needed.  And he is loving school!  Her words exactly!  Woot!
With all the drama…