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A 24 Hour Challenge

We all remember when Thumper was reminded by his mother what she always taught him, right?  "If you can't say something nice.  Don't say nothing at all."  Of course we have all been taught this simple rule haven't we?  Hopefully we also teach it to our own children as well.  It's not something that gets taught in every home.  If it were, there would be no bullying and kindness would abound the world over.  
It just so happens that the Sunday before last, we were issued a challenge in our Relief Society class.  The challenge seemed simple at first:  to be nice for twenty-four hours.  But wait!  There's more.  This means, no criticism at all.  Which means you can't even criticize bad drivers!!  Oh did I mention you can't even use sarcasm!!!  I live and breathe sarcasm!!!  This was not going to be easy.  In fact, it was going to be hard, difficult, taxing, exhausting.  
I will be honest, I did not do it the first day or the second day.  On the third…