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It's A Girl!!

Pete & Carolynn 
announce the birth of their baby girl
Lourie Jean Born Sept 2nd 8 pounds 14ounces 21 inches Yep!  That baby is yours truly!!!  And I was all of 5 days old in that picture! Yeah, I was a big baby. 

Proud Mommy Moments--Random Style

"The next person who burps at the dinner table will be doing the dishes!"  Silence.  It worked great until I got up from the table and then Emily let loose.  So proud.  She did the dishes with only a little protest. 

"It's because of my testology" a reason given to me by Ryan as to why he shouldn't go to school.  Really.  You're not even six yet (almost) and you are already inventing illnesses to miss school!?  So proud.  In his defense, he does have either a cold or his allergies are running amok.

Holding her cell phone, hanging her head out the car window at 50MPH and taking her picture.  I told her not to.  Luckily her phone remained in her hands.  The picture was hilarious.  I tried to get her to upload it to Facebook.  She refused.  A funny picture.  A risky move.  The teenager.  Another proud moment.

These are just a few of the many happenings that go on daily at our house.  Who can keep track of them all?  But it sure is fun to link up with Emm…

We Want to Know...#20

It's "We Want to Know" with Mamarazzi and Queso.  The questions can be fun, serious, juicy, funny and your answers can any of the above.  It's fun to play.  Grab the button and play along.

{1}Do you prefer to text or call?  Text is def my preference.  I am always distracted and this way I can give you better attention.
{2}What is the last text message in your phone and who is it from?  The last text I got was from Rich telling me to come inside.  I was outside his work waiting for him to be done for the day.  He was done, just waiting on a student.
{3}What are your favorite phone apps?  Right now I love Fooducate and Instagram.  I find myself taking pictures of just about everything.  It's fun.
{4}At what age do you think kids are ready for a cell phone?  So hard to say.  You see these kids with their smart phones and think what in the world??  I will say though, Kristin had her first basic phone at 11.  It was a life saver as she was cast in the fall production.  …

Ten Things to Smile About--August

I am linking up with Emmy today for her monthly Meme:  Ten Things to Smile About.  A chance to look back at the month and see what it was that made!

1.  Spending time with my BFF
2.  Watching little ones get "chip-faced"

3.  Celebrating my mom's birthday with family
4.  School babies are not babies anymore!
5.  Finding out about this great new app:  Instagram!  I am having fun with it.
6.  Having this for lunch....
 7.  Chocolate chip cookies!!!
What?  I like food!

8.  Losing a pound despite those chocolate chip cookies!!

9.  Surviving the mess that surrounded Emily's registration

10.  And the best for last....

Welcoming this guy to the world and the family!  He is almost a month old now!!!  Hard to believe.

What made you smile this month???

I'm Excited!!

I could be griping about the 100 + heat for the 5th or 6th day in a row.  The fact that my car has no air conditioning so I am left with nature's air conditioning.
My "windblown" look There is a lot I could be griping about.  But instead I am excited!  Yep.  Why?  Today is the big reveal.  What?  You mean you don't know!?   You must know! Yep I'm all aflutter.  Tonight during "Bachelor Pad" they will reveal.  But, don't tell ABC...we just go and visit the site at 7PM after the show airs on the East coast.  Psssh!  Like I'm going to sit through that!
So I will not gripe...much.  And I hope all my East Coast friends are safe.  Has anything got you happy today?