Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ten Things to Smile About--August

I am linking up with Emmy today for her monthly Meme:  Ten Things to Smile About.  A chance to look back at the month and see what it was that made you...smile!

1.  Spending time with my BFF
2.  Watching little ones get "chip-faced"

3.  Celebrating my mom's birthday with family
4.  School starting...bittersweet...my babies are not babies anymore!
5.  Finding out about this great new app:  Instagram!  I am having fun with it.
6.  Having this for lunch....
 7.  Chocolate chip cookies!!!
What?  I like food!

8.  Losing a pound despite those chocolate chip cookies!!

9.  Surviving the mess that surrounded Emily's registration

10.  And the best for last....

Welcoming this guy to the world and the family!  He is almost a month old now!!!  Hard to believe.

What made you smile this month???


Nicole said...

eating cookies and losing weight, now that's the way to roll!

Emmy said...

That was a great month- especially seeing me ;) Instagram is a lot of fun, I love the look it gives to the pictures.
And that chip face baby is so so cute ;)

mormonhermitmom said...

"chip-faced". That is pricless.

sarajo said...

lol, chipped face! Nice!

The Mommy Therapy said...

great list! What's on that sandwhich? I'm too lazy to get up and make lunch for myself....I need inspiration!

Nothing compares to hanging out with the best friend...or a brand new baby.

Thanks for sharing!

Linda Medrano said...

65 degree weather! Hooray for cool!

MiMi said...

LOL at chip faced!!

Amy said...

So cute! Forgive me for not being around, I was intimidated by my 1,000 plus blogs in my google reader. I finally decided I am just going to pick up from here, and pretend I didn't miss any. Okay? Just go along with me.
I think the "chip faced" is my favorite. Seriously. Adorable. :)

Mrs Montoya said...

Is chip faced like chocolate wasted? :) HA HA! Such sweet kids in your post. Even those great big kids that you call your babies. Crazy how fast they get that way, isn't it? Great memories for the month!