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I Feel Pretty

Ryan is such a boy! He loves anything that moves, whether it is a train, car, truck. As long as it goes he is a happy camper. Ever since he was baby he would make all his toys go like a car. He would even push a french fry around--still does in fact! Nobody ever taught him this. He has two older sisters who are both very girlie. Even his play is rougher. That, however can be linked to his sisters as they have always wrestled and played rough with him. Why? Because he is a boy? Or because they didn't know better, and now he is used to rough play. I don't know the answer. I do know that he is all boy. And part of being a boy who is surrounded by females he is bound to get into stuff. He once painted his eye brows with nail polish. He has covered himself with a princess stamp. And most recently he found his way into Mama's make up. Isn't he pretty? I think this will be one of many blackmail pictures in the years to come. You know the one I can show to h…

Should I Be Scared?

We are currently out of printer ink, in fact we have been for a while now. Ink for our printer runs about $50 to $60. In the last few days, my husband has been looking for places with the best deals for our ink. What he has found instead are new printers that would cost less even after buying additional ink than our ink costs. Now this isn't what scares me. No, what scares me is one of the reviews he found.

"Okay i just bought this printer yesterday today i was scanning some i press da scanner botton ..and it didnt scan. So i tried it on the lexmark software didnt scan or nuttin. So to myself im thinkin dis suppose to be a good product..omg NO ITS NOT..."

This review comes from a woman supposedly age 18-24. What does that say for our future? Should I be scared?

I Have A Question

I have decided to introduce a new section for my blog. It is the "I have a question" section. Sometimes, I just have a question that needs answering. And today, I have a question!

First, a little background. Last Friday I was making my weekly grocery list. As I wrote it, I sat reclining on my couch. I mean if I can do this comfortably why shouldn't I? No that is not the question. It is coming. After I finished my list, I sat up and attempted to put the recliner back in its "upright" position. Upon doing this, it got stuck and I heard a horrible crunch. Sometimes things get caught under the recliner: a shoe, a blanket and sadly sometimes a toy has met its untimely demise. I quickly let the couch go back into recline and got down to have a "looksee." To my dismay there lay my cell phone. I've had it for 3 years now and it has been dropped many many times. But this time was not good.

My phone is a clam shell phone with a small lcd screen …