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What's In A Day?

What is your day like? Is it harried and chaotic? Is it the same as yesterday? Or somewhere in the middle? Well for me, it has been another week of chaos and drama. I need structure...if anyone can offer me advice I will gladly hear it. Heck, I may even try it. Here is a taste of my life....well my life as it went today.

6:21AM That pesky alarm goes off. Snooze.
6:31AM It's going off again. Snooze
6:41AM Okay I really should get up. Snooze
6:51AM Seriously...snooze
7:01AM Off and crawling out of bed to take my shower.
7:15AM Wake up Emily and Kristin. Kristin is up and on the computer. Emily is buried under her comforter somewhere.
7:15-7:30AM Continue to rouse Emily, coax Kristin and get Ryan dressed.
7:30AM Emily up, not dressed. Kristin assuring me she will get up. Heading downstairs.
7:30-7:45 Breakfast for me and Ryan. Emily's waiting for her. Kristin downstairs and dressed. She fixes her own breakfast now! Yipppeee!
7:45AM No Emily. I call to her.

Leap#5 Oct.16, 2007

This was a rough time for us. We had just moved across the country after Rich retired from the Coast Guard. We always knew we would come back here, but what we didn't anticipate was the lack of jobs. We were not making it. Rich was out of work too long. Our nest egg had depleted. We had aid from the church, my mother helped out where she could. Rich and I both were looking for work. I found work first at Sears. Sure it was seasonal, but it was something. It wasn't long after I found work that Rich landed the job he has. A dream job for him really. He is an IT instructor at a computer training academy. Here I thought I was done with acronyms. Nope, now I have acronyms and a bunch of computer jargon that means absolutely nothing to me. But who cared? He had a job!

It is always good to look back and see where we were. Sometimes we are reminded of something wonderful like a baby being born. We may also be reminded of a nutty neighbor. Today I was reminded of how s…

Leap #4 Oct. 15, 2006

Ryan was a year old now. He was sooo cute. He had the curliest blond hair and big bright blue eyes. He crawled all over the place, and cruised along the furniture. He climbed too. He was busy as ever and definitely kept me on my toes. On this day, the adventure I was part of was not my own. I was simply a by stander.

My neighbor had three children. Just like me she had three children: Two girls and a boy. Her son was a year old than Ryan and quite a handful. On one occasion he managed to crack open a dozen eggs. I remember thinking, "How could that happen?" Now I know. Ryan has done many things in a matter of seconds. Is it just a boy thing? My girls never did any of the things he has done. Her daughters were the same age as mine, and of course they were friends. Since our kids were friends, we were friends too.

On this day, one of their two kittens had gotten out of the house and climbed up a tree. Her oldest daughter came over asking for a ladder so that he…

Leap #3 Oct. 14, 2005

On this day four years ago, I gave birth to my son. He was born on a Friday at 8:20AM(check the time stamp on the post!) He weighed in at 8 pounds 10.3 ounces and was 21 inches long. I was relieved when I saw how big he was. I was relieved because I was HUGE! My daughters had been tiny so when my belly was so huge and I was tipping the scales at 200 I prayed that I would have a big baby!

Prior to his birth, I had several false alarms. They began at 7 months. As much as I didn't want to be pregnant, I knew that was too soon for my little spud. It felt like forever before October would arrive. Before "spud"-- as we dubbed him-- could be born, two things had to take place: Kristin's 8th birthday and her baptism. The baptism was just days before the due date. After she was baptized, family and friends alike all tried to coax spud out of hiding. Much to my chagrin, he remained in his preferred cramped quarters.

Tuesday before he was born, I had my 40 week check u…

Leap #2 October 13, 2004

October of 2004 was a very busy and crazy month for me. Looking back, I am glad the things that went on were in 04 and not now. I don't think I could have handled it on top of everything else I am currently dealing with. So what exactly happened in the "original history" as Sam would ask Al each week. Well let's refer to Ziggy the know-it-all-computer with the over sized ego.

In October of 2004, Rich was going through his Chief's initiation. It was quite the circus. I mean it is a big deal, and I was thrilled and so proud of him, but my goodness what a bunch hoops we had to jump through for the initiation itself. He had to have someone write a short essay about him and why he should be a Chief in the Coast Guard. Well, you can imagine who he asked. Then there was the shadow box he had to make that would hold his Chief's hat and a few other items. Oh and did I mention the sea bag that had to have all kinds of strange things in it. One thing was the ke…

Quantum Leap

In 1989 a new series started called: Quantum Leap. Does anyone remember this show? A scientist, Dr. Sam Beckett, was head a of time travel expirament that in a word, went a little "ca-ca." The theory Sam had was that your life is like a string and if you put it in a ball all the days of your life would touch each other causing the "quantum leap" effect. His rule was you could only travel within your lifetime. When project funding was at risk he stepped into the project "exhilarator" and vanished. Nobody knew where he was. When he woke up he was in the past, but not his. He was in the body of another person. It turns out, since he was messing with time, God or "something" has caused him to put right things that once went wrong. The only link to his time was the project observer, Al. Al could appear to Sam in the form of a hologram that only Sam could see and hear. So sometimes, Sam looks like he is talking to himself! It was a fanta…