Friday, October 16, 2009

What's In A Day?

What is your day like? Is it harried and chaotic? Is it the same as yesterday? Or somewhere in the middle? Well for me, it has been another week of chaos and drama. I need structure...if anyone can offer me advice I will gladly hear it. Heck, I may even try it. Here is a taste of my life....well my life as it went today.

6:21AM That pesky alarm goes off. Snooze.
6:31AM It's going off again. Snooze
6:41AM Okay I really should get up. Snooze
6:51AM Seriously...snooze
7:01AM Off and crawling out of bed to take my shower.
7:15AM Wake up Emily and Kristin. Kristin is up and on the computer. Emily is buried under her comforter somewhere.
7:15-7:30AM Continue to rouse Emily, coax Kristin and get Ryan dressed.
7:30AM Emily up, not dressed. Kristin assuring me she will get up. Heading downstairs.
7:30-7:45 Breakfast for me and Ryan. Emily's waiting for her. Kristin downstairs and dressed. She fixes her own breakfast now! Yipppeee!
7:45AM No Emily. I call to her.
7:50AM No Emily. I tell her NOW!
7:53AM Emily makes her appearance
7:55AM apply my make up and assist Kristin with hers
8:00AM brush Emily's hair
8:10AM Scoot the girls out the door when their ride arrives.
8:15AM time to sit for a minute. But wait Ryan wants a fruit snack. "Dude you just ate! How about some milk?" Back up. Get the milk. Now I can sit and breathe and check my email.
8:17AM Ryan has to talk me. A lot.
8:24AM Rich leaves for work
8:30AM I need a nap! "Hey Ryan, what do you want to watch?...Imagination Movers? You got it dude!" I know it is horrible, but I call it self defense for both me and the kids. I rest while he watches TV.
9:15AM I jump up and realize I haven't had my morning cocktail. I have a line of meds to ingest each day for Fibromyalgia, depression, stomach, allergies, and arthritis. Sigh.
9:20:AM Get the shoes on and brush my hair. I have a meeting this morning at ten.
9:45Am Mom arrives to sit with Ryan.
9:55Am I drive the whole 3/4 of a mile to the school for Emily's IEP(individualized education program) meeting.
11:30 Back home. I have to eat lunch soon. Middle schoolers are getting out at 12:40!
11:30-12:30 I eat and visit with my mom while Ryan vies for my attention. Wow! Did I really have an hour. I did make lunches for three people.
1230 I left to pick up Kristin and my extras. My extras were not staying tonight as they had a family emergency. I still had to take them home and another friend as well.
1:OOPM Kristin home and fixing her own lunch! She watches a little TV with us and then disappears to her room to watch Full house on the computer.
1:30-2:30 I tried desperately to get Ryan to sleep. No dice.
2:30 Mom leaves. Rich comes home--early day for him too!
2:45 Time to pick up Emily
2:55 Meds...I take Ibuproferen, go upstairs and lay down with a cold rag on my head.
3:45 A little better
3:45 Check email and try to read a blog. Ryan wants a snack. Ryan wants juice. Why oh why won't you ask your Daddy for these things!?
4:00 Run to the store to buy stuff for dinner--pigs in a blanket!
4:30 Play Littlest Pet Shops with Ryan and Emily.
4: 45 Rich wants to lay down. Headache. geees. What is it with us??? A minute to chat online with my mom. Then I use the chat to tell Kristin to come down and help make dinner.
5- 530 Making dinner and cleaning the kitchen.
6-630 Clean up dinner. GEt ready to go to the MALL!
7-830 was the mall. Got dresses for the girls. Skinny jeans for Kristin. A play area for Ryan.
8:45 Home and snacks for the kids.
9:15 get them ready for bed
930 Ryan and Emily in bed and Kristin wants to read with me
945 We say good night.
9:46 I finally can sit. I read blogs I follow. I write emails. And yes, I blogged! It is now 11:43PM. I guess I better go to bed. My brain went to bed about 4 hours ago. I guess I better join it.

Leap#5 Oct.16, 2007

This was a rough time for us. We had just moved across the country after Rich retired from the Coast Guard. We always knew we would come back here, but what we didn't anticipate was the lack of jobs. We were not making it. Rich was out of work too long. Our nest egg had depleted. We had aid from the church, my mother helped out where she could. Rich and I both were looking for work. I found work first at Sears. Sure it was seasonal, but it was something. It wasn't long after I found work that Rich landed the job he has. A dream job for him really. He is an IT instructor at a computer training academy. Here I thought I was done with acronyms. Nope, now I have acronyms and a bunch of computer jargon that means absolutely nothing to me. But who cared? He had a job!

It is always good to look back and see where we were. Sometimes we are reminded of something wonderful like a baby being born. We may also be reminded of a nutty neighbor. Today I was reminded of how scared I was two years ago. How I didn't bother hanging up pictures because I didn't think we would be staying in the house anyway. But here we are. It's better than it was. It is still rough, but world's away from where we were. I am thankful for all that I have. A lovely home. Food in my cupboards. Gas in two cars..two WORKING cars. We have clothes. Shoes. I can buy yummy ice cream if I want.

I might have done a couple of things differently over the past few years, but really I am happy with the way things turned out. I hope I have grown and learned from my past experiences. I am nervous to know what I must learn next, but I suppose in a few years, I will be able reflect in another time warp!

Ryan October 2007
Emily and Kristin October 2007

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Leap #4 Oct. 15, 2006

Ryan was a year old now. He was sooo cute. He had the curliest blond hair and big bright blue eyes. He crawled all over the place, and cruised along the furniture. He climbed too. He was busy as ever and definitely kept me on my toes. On this day, the adventure I was part of was not my own. I was simply a by stander.

My neighbor had three children. Just like me she had three children: Two girls and a boy. Her son was a year old than Ryan and quite a handful. On one occasion he managed to crack open a dozen eggs. I remember thinking, "How could that happen?" Now I know. Ryan has done many things in a matter of seconds. Is it just a boy thing? My girls never did any of the things he has done. Her daughters were the same age as mine, and of course they were friends. Since our kids were friends, we were friends too.

On this day, one of their two kittens had gotten out of the house and climbed up a tree. Her oldest daughter came over asking for a ladder so that her mother could climb it and get the cat. I am sorry, but if that were me I would be saying, "The cat will get down on its own." or "She'll come down when she is hungry." That is just me. However, my friend wasn't like that. She was the type to leap in without a net. They managed to get a hold of a ladder and she climbed up it and into the tree. Maybe she did it to ensure that her kids wouldn't. I have no idea. A few neighbors held out a blanket to catch the cat. She got it and let the cat down as safely as she could. The cat missed the blanket by about six inches. Cat was fine. Now my friend is suddenly realizing that she is up in a tree about 15 or so feet up. Maybe higher. I don't remember this part clearly. After a few minutes she figured out the best possible way down, however, I was beginning to wonder if I needed to call the fire department to come and get her down.

It was quite an adventure to behold. I thought she was a nut then, and I think she is a nut now. She is sweet loving nut though. And she was probably saving her children more than the cat. I am not sure I would climb a tree for a cat, but I might climb one for my kid. That is to say, if the kid was the one stuck in the tree!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Leap #3 Oct. 14, 2005

On this day four years ago, I gave birth to my son. He was born on a Friday at 8:20AM(check the time stamp on the post!) He weighed in at 8 pounds 10.3 ounces and was 21 inches long. I was relieved when I saw how big he was. I was relieved because I was HUGE! My daughters had been tiny so when my belly was so huge and I was tipping the scales at 200 I prayed that I would have a big baby!

Prior to his birth, I had several false alarms. They began at 7 months. As much as I didn't want to be pregnant, I knew that was too soon for my little spud. It felt like forever before October would arrive. Before "spud"-- as we dubbed him-- could be born, two things had to take place: Kristin's 8th birthday and her baptism. The baptism was just days before the due date. After she was baptized, family and friends alike all tried to coax spud out of hiding. Much to my chagrin, he remained in his preferred cramped quarters.

Tuesday before he was born, I had my 40 week check up where it was determined that I was dilated to a 3 and 90% effaced. Sweet! Let's rock and roll! Well, they don't roll that way. They rolled in the way of let's wait and see what happens and had me schedule my next appointment where they would determine what course of action to take next. Yep, I said "they" not "I." Luckily for me, Spud didn't like that anymore than I did.

I remember shopping at Wal-Mart the day before and having a few hearty contractions. Go Spud go! I have no idea what I was buying. I went home and probably sat quietly and kept track of contractions until my girls were farmed off to my friend's house for the night. I called the hospital and because my contractions were 7 minutes apart I wasn't ready to come in. Bite me, lady! No, I didn't say that. Wish I had though. I went to bed and slept as best as I could. Somewhere in the o dark thirty of the morning, I woke up Rich and told him it was time. I was having long hard contractions. I called the hospital and told them, finally my contractions were 3-5 minutes apart.

Upon arriving the receptionist at L&D commented on how calm I sounded on the phone to be in "labor." Don't mess me with me lady, "I was between contractions!" I said as nicely as I could. And just at that moment, a miraculous thing happened. I had a contraction so hard it made me cry. See that mean lady! I told you! I was triaged quickly and was at a 4. Finally I am admit-able! I am moved from triage to my L&D room. It was only about 20 minutes before I was checked again. A lot of pain. I was now an 8. Wait, what? An 8? what about my epidural? I want an epidural! I need that. "Well there are two people ahead of you." Ask me if I care jerk! (Nope didn't say that one either!) Wish I would have grabbed him by the collar and threatened bodily harm unless I got what I so desperately needed! It didn't help matters that the hospital was a teaching hosiptal, but also for whatever reason I had two teams of people helping me. Team A was pushing for natural while team B argued that the epidural was the way to go. I wish I could of boned up and told them to listen to what the patient wants! Finally the Colonel came in, yep I was in a military facility. And that Colonel hollered for the epidural.

Then my knight in shinning scrubs arrived! Of course he was foolish and began asking me medical questions as he was administering the epidural. I don't remember the questions. I just remember Rich took over and answered them for me. It wasn't long after that epidural was in effect that Spud...err Ryan made his appearance in the world. He greeted the doctor with a healthy dose of pee. It's been a wild ride ever since!

Happy Birthday to my Ry-Ry who drives me crazy and makes me laugh all at once. He is full of energy that never seems to run out. He is curious, busy, and just so dang cute! No, I'm not biased.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Leap #2 October 13, 2004

October of 2004 was a very busy and crazy month for me. Looking back, I am glad the things that went on were in 04 and not now. I don't think I could have handled it on top of everything else I am currently dealing with. So what exactly happened in the "original history" as Sam would ask Al each week. Well let's refer to Ziggy the know-it-all-computer with the over sized ego.

In October of 2004, Rich was going through his Chief's initiation. It was quite the circus. I mean it is a big deal, and I was thrilled and so proud of him, but my goodness what a bunch hoops we had to jump through for the initiation itself. He had to have someone write a short essay about him and why he should be a Chief in the Coast Guard. Well, you can imagine who he asked. Then there was the shadow box he had to make that would hold his Chief's hat and a few other items. Oh and did I mention the sea bag that had to have all kinds of strange things in it. One thing was the key to Davey Jones' locker. So for fun, I bought a baby's rattle that is the keys and attached a picture of Davy Jones(from THE MONKEES of course!) to it. I had a good laugh over it. Maybe too good. Oh and the one hundred dollars in dollar bills for "fines." Actually this money paid for the dinner at the end. The whole Chief's initiation could be dedicated to a whole other blog entry! The stuff they do. *sigh* And they are protecting our country! I digress.

While all this was going on, I had taken my wedding ring in to be inspected. It turned out the main diamond was loose and a smaller stone was missing. They sent it in to be fully inspected and evaluated for repairs and costs. I was out of warranty and would have to pay. Well, go ahead and send it in, but I know I can't pay for it. So they sent it off with the promise of it's safe and happy return in seven days. After 10 days, I called them back inquiring about my ring. Bad news: the courier took off with all the items that included my ring. I cried. I cried buckets. My ring was gone. It is just a thing. A thing which I can not take with me, but still my heart was broken. And I was getting sick. I can't be sick! Not now! I have too much to do. Did I forget to mention that I had to sew on all new patches on Rich's dress uniform? Ever sewn a patch on a Scout shirt? It's way worse and it has to be exact.

Needless to say, not only did the jewelry store switch couriers they also replaced my ring. My ring was originally valued at X so they gave me that amount. Fine by me. I poured over their rings while the girls climbed all over the stools, breathed into the glass and put their sticky, dirty, germy kid fingers all over the place. Oh well. I finally landed on the "imposter ring" and got all the paperwork for it and we were sent on our merry way. I really don't give it that much thought anymore. Just in the moment, it was the end of the world.

I honestly do not remember the exact date of the Chief's dinner. What I do remember is that Rich's parents came for the occasion. The dinner was very special and had much ceremony involved. I was honored, along with Rich's Dad to pin his Chief's crows onto his collar.

Now remember I mentioned thinking I was getting sick? Somewhere in the midst of all this, I managed to come down with strep. I was miserable. My throat felt like I had glass in it. I wondered how on earth I was going to play hostess, take care of business for the dinner and do all my normal activities. Well what would any other LDS woman do? I got a blessing. In the blessing it was said that I would do the things I needed to do, then rest, then I would be well. In that order. And that is how it happened.

So did all that happen on THAT day? No. But I was in the middle of it. I survived. We always do.
The imposter ring
The Shadow Box
The Chief's Dinner
Pinning Our Chief
Just because they looked so grown up that night!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Quantum Leap

In 1989 a new series started called: Quantum Leap. Does anyone remember this show? A scientist, Dr. Sam Beckett, was head a of time travel expirament that in a word, went a little "ca-ca." The theory Sam had was that your life is like a string and if you put it in a ball all the days of your life would touch each other causing the "quantum leap" effect. His rule was you could only travel within your lifetime. When project funding was at risk he stepped into the project "exhilarator" and vanished. Nobody knew where he was. When he woke up he was in the past, but not his. He was in the body of another person. It turns out, since he was messing with time, God or "something" has caused him to put right things that once went wrong. The only link to his time was the project observer, Al. Al could appear to Sam in the form of a hologram that only Sam could see and hear. So sometimes, Sam looks like he is talking to himself! It was a fantastic show. I loved it. I miss it. So why am I bringing it up? I am glad you asked!

You are now part of my time travel expirament. Unlike, Dr. Becket, you will not be forced to live in my body, but instead live viacariously through me as you spend five years in the life of me!

Oct. 11, 2003
On this day, I was not complaining about being a mom to my girls ages 3 and 6.Sleeping Beauty and Kim Possible--Halloween 03

Instead I was wishing I could lose the 15 pounds I had gained. Oh if only that was ALL I had to lose! I digress. I had been talking to my sister about dieting, and politely pointed out to her that was pushing 40. Well my goodness how time flies! I was so silly thinking I was sooo far away from it myself. It was then I was reminded of my Grandma Jo. I referred to her as a wild woman. No, she didn't ride a Harley or anything. No tatoos. But, she did have her ears double pierced!

One thing my grandma never was, was an old lady. She had horrible arthritis in her knees and had them both replaced at the same time thank you very much! From the time I can remember she could not get around very well. She always had trouble. I remember wondering why she moved that way. Now I simply think, oh my how she must have hurt. I never heard her complain. She did not let that stop her. She did stuff. She went on trips. She played bridge. She made ceramic figures. She palyed golf with her sister. She even gambled--just the slots. See! She was a wild woman. I loved her zest for life. It kept her young in spirit. On this day in 2003, I proclaimed that I wanted to be like her. I still do. I want that same zest and energy for life. She was a neat lady.
Grandpa Shelton and Grandma Jo--1978