Friday, October 16, 2009

What's In A Day?

What is your day like? Is it harried and chaotic? Is it the same as yesterday? Or somewhere in the middle? Well for me, it has been another week of chaos and drama. I need structure...if anyone can offer me advice I will gladly hear it. Heck, I may even try it. Here is a taste of my life....well my life as it went today.

6:21AM That pesky alarm goes off. Snooze.
6:31AM It's going off again. Snooze
6:41AM Okay I really should get up. Snooze
6:51AM Seriously...snooze
7:01AM Off and crawling out of bed to take my shower.
7:15AM Wake up Emily and Kristin. Kristin is up and on the computer. Emily is buried under her comforter somewhere.
7:15-7:30AM Continue to rouse Emily, coax Kristin and get Ryan dressed.
7:30AM Emily up, not dressed. Kristin assuring me she will get up. Heading downstairs.
7:30-7:45 Breakfast for me and Ryan. Emily's waiting for her. Kristin downstairs and dressed. She fixes her own breakfast now! Yipppeee!
7:45AM No Emily. I call to her.
7:50AM No Emily. I tell her NOW!
7:53AM Emily makes her appearance
7:55AM apply my make up and assist Kristin with hers
8:00AM brush Emily's hair
8:10AM Scoot the girls out the door when their ride arrives.
8:15AM time to sit for a minute. But wait Ryan wants a fruit snack. "Dude you just ate! How about some milk?" Back up. Get the milk. Now I can sit and breathe and check my email.
8:17AM Ryan has to talk me. A lot.
8:24AM Rich leaves for work
8:30AM I need a nap! "Hey Ryan, what do you want to watch?...Imagination Movers? You got it dude!" I know it is horrible, but I call it self defense for both me and the kids. I rest while he watches TV.
9:15AM I jump up and realize I haven't had my morning cocktail. I have a line of meds to ingest each day for Fibromyalgia, depression, stomach, allergies, and arthritis. Sigh.
9:20:AM Get the shoes on and brush my hair. I have a meeting this morning at ten.
9:45Am Mom arrives to sit with Ryan.
9:55Am I drive the whole 3/4 of a mile to the school for Emily's IEP(individualized education program) meeting.
11:30 Back home. I have to eat lunch soon. Middle schoolers are getting out at 12:40!
11:30-12:30 I eat and visit with my mom while Ryan vies for my attention. Wow! Did I really have an hour. I did make lunches for three people.
1230 I left to pick up Kristin and my extras. My extras were not staying tonight as they had a family emergency. I still had to take them home and another friend as well.
1:OOPM Kristin home and fixing her own lunch! She watches a little TV with us and then disappears to her room to watch Full house on the computer.
1:30-2:30 I tried desperately to get Ryan to sleep. No dice.
2:30 Mom leaves. Rich comes home--early day for him too!
2:45 Time to pick up Emily
2:55 Meds...I take Ibuproferen, go upstairs and lay down with a cold rag on my head.
3:45 A little better
3:45 Check email and try to read a blog. Ryan wants a snack. Ryan wants juice. Why oh why won't you ask your Daddy for these things!?
4:00 Run to the store to buy stuff for dinner--pigs in a blanket!
4:30 Play Littlest Pet Shops with Ryan and Emily.
4: 45 Rich wants to lay down. Headache. geees. What is it with us??? A minute to chat online with my mom. Then I use the chat to tell Kristin to come down and help make dinner.
5- 530 Making dinner and cleaning the kitchen.
6-630 Clean up dinner. GEt ready to go to the MALL!
7-830 was the mall. Got dresses for the girls. Skinny jeans for Kristin. A play area for Ryan.
8:45 Home and snacks for the kids.
9:15 get them ready for bed
930 Ryan and Emily in bed and Kristin wants to read with me
945 We say good night.
9:46 I finally can sit. I read blogs I follow. I write emails. And yes, I blogged! It is now 11:43PM. I guess I better go to bed. My brain went to bed about 4 hours ago. I guess I better join it.


Lauralyn said...

If you figure out the grand secret to the balance between order and chaos in your day, please let me know. I can so relate to how you feel. I have all these orderly plans in my brain--even on paper sometimes, but then life happens and all my plans disappear. :)

Emmy said...

That was a busy day! Glad you survived it.
And yeah, I haven't figured out that secret yet either.

Anonymous said...

wow... you have a Bust Schedule! you deserve to be Mom of The Year!

Carolynn said...

Makes you wonder what being bored is like doesn't it? Now on to the next task at hand.