Thursday, October 15, 2009

Leap #4 Oct. 15, 2006

Ryan was a year old now. He was sooo cute. He had the curliest blond hair and big bright blue eyes. He crawled all over the place, and cruised along the furniture. He climbed too. He was busy as ever and definitely kept me on my toes. On this day, the adventure I was part of was not my own. I was simply a by stander.

My neighbor had three children. Just like me she had three children: Two girls and a boy. Her son was a year old than Ryan and quite a handful. On one occasion he managed to crack open a dozen eggs. I remember thinking, "How could that happen?" Now I know. Ryan has done many things in a matter of seconds. Is it just a boy thing? My girls never did any of the things he has done. Her daughters were the same age as mine, and of course they were friends. Since our kids were friends, we were friends too.

On this day, one of their two kittens had gotten out of the house and climbed up a tree. Her oldest daughter came over asking for a ladder so that her mother could climb it and get the cat. I am sorry, but if that were me I would be saying, "The cat will get down on its own." or "She'll come down when she is hungry." That is just me. However, my friend wasn't like that. She was the type to leap in without a net. They managed to get a hold of a ladder and she climbed up it and into the tree. Maybe she did it to ensure that her kids wouldn't. I have no idea. A few neighbors held out a blanket to catch the cat. She got it and let the cat down as safely as she could. The cat missed the blanket by about six inches. Cat was fine. Now my friend is suddenly realizing that she is up in a tree about 15 or so feet up. Maybe higher. I don't remember this part clearly. After a few minutes she figured out the best possible way down, however, I was beginning to wonder if I needed to call the fire department to come and get her down.

It was quite an adventure to behold. I thought she was a nut then, and I think she is a nut now. She is sweet loving nut though. And she was probably saving her children more than the cat. I am not sure I would climb a tree for a cat, but I might climb one for my kid. That is to say, if the kid was the one stuck in the tree!


mormonhermitmom said...

LOL! I'm with you. Let the cat get down on its own.

Richard said...

If it were the kids, they would just come down if they were hungry.

Carolynn said...

I think if one of my kids were in a tree that high I would still have to call someone. She was either nuts or very brave.

Emmy said...

I am so with you, that cat can get itself down!