Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Leap #3 Oct. 14, 2005

On this day four years ago, I gave birth to my son. He was born on a Friday at 8:20AM(check the time stamp on the post!) He weighed in at 8 pounds 10.3 ounces and was 21 inches long. I was relieved when I saw how big he was. I was relieved because I was HUGE! My daughters had been tiny so when my belly was so huge and I was tipping the scales at 200 I prayed that I would have a big baby!

Prior to his birth, I had several false alarms. They began at 7 months. As much as I didn't want to be pregnant, I knew that was too soon for my little spud. It felt like forever before October would arrive. Before "spud"-- as we dubbed him-- could be born, two things had to take place: Kristin's 8th birthday and her baptism. The baptism was just days before the due date. After she was baptized, family and friends alike all tried to coax spud out of hiding. Much to my chagrin, he remained in his preferred cramped quarters.

Tuesday before he was born, I had my 40 week check up where it was determined that I was dilated to a 3 and 90% effaced. Sweet! Let's rock and roll! Well, they don't roll that way. They rolled in the way of let's wait and see what happens and had me schedule my next appointment where they would determine what course of action to take next. Yep, I said "they" not "I." Luckily for me, Spud didn't like that anymore than I did.

I remember shopping at Wal-Mart the day before and having a few hearty contractions. Go Spud go! I have no idea what I was buying. I went home and probably sat quietly and kept track of contractions until my girls were farmed off to my friend's house for the night. I called the hospital and because my contractions were 7 minutes apart I wasn't ready to come in. Bite me, lady! No, I didn't say that. Wish I had though. I went to bed and slept as best as I could. Somewhere in the o dark thirty of the morning, I woke up Rich and told him it was time. I was having long hard contractions. I called the hospital and told them, finally my contractions were 3-5 minutes apart.

Upon arriving the receptionist at L&D commented on how calm I sounded on the phone to be in "labor." Don't mess me with me lady, "I was between contractions!" I said as nicely as I could. And just at that moment, a miraculous thing happened. I had a contraction so hard it made me cry. See that mean lady! I told you! I was triaged quickly and was at a 4. Finally I am admit-able! I am moved from triage to my L&D room. It was only about 20 minutes before I was checked again. A lot of pain. I was now an 8. Wait, what? An 8? what about my epidural? I want an epidural! I need that. "Well there are two people ahead of you." Ask me if I care jerk! (Nope didn't say that one either!) Wish I would have grabbed him by the collar and threatened bodily harm unless I got what I so desperately needed! It didn't help matters that the hospital was a teaching hosiptal, but also for whatever reason I had two teams of people helping me. Team A was pushing for natural while team B argued that the epidural was the way to go. I wish I could of boned up and told them to listen to what the patient wants! Finally the Colonel came in, yep I was in a military facility. And that Colonel hollered for the epidural.

Then my knight in shinning scrubs arrived! Of course he was foolish and began asking me medical questions as he was administering the epidural. I don't remember the questions. I just remember Rich took over and answered them for me. It wasn't long after that epidural was in effect that Spud...err Ryan made his appearance in the world. He greeted the doctor with a healthy dose of pee. It's been a wild ride ever since!

Happy Birthday to my Ry-Ry who drives me crazy and makes me laugh all at once. He is full of energy that never seems to run out. He is curious, busy, and just so dang cute! No, I'm not biased.


Emmy said...

Gotta love when they are using you to teach :)
But it all went well in the end. And yes Ryan is very cute

mormonhermitmom said...

I think all delivering moms need to take a preprinted card to the hospital - "Give me the *%$^#@* drugs!"

grandmaba said...

I only had to witness the pain, not feel it. But, I can say this much. He was so cute then and still is. He comes up with some really funny things. He is the busiest boy. It is fun to watch him grow. As for me it was all worth it. I am not prejudice either haha. Just have to love that boy.

silfert said...

Great story and a darling boy! Happy (belated) birthday, little man!