Friday, August 27, 2010

I Am A Complainer!

I admit it.  I am a complainer.  A moaner.  A griper.  I go and on.  Sometimes relentlessly! Sometimes it's because I have PMS and if that is the case, then all bets are off.  I can complain as much as I feel like!  And if you don't like it, too bad.  And hand over that chocolate!

Today, I have something worth griping about.  It's not about my kids.  Though I have been known to.  It's not about my husband.  He gets a reprieve since he had shoulder surgery on Wednesday.  No, today I am complaining about two things....

Number one:  HEAT.  I don't care who you are.  If you are hot and miserable, there is nothing in the world to fix it.  You're hot.  Plain and simple.  You crave a room fit to hang meat.  A giant pool with a temp of about 80.  Ahhhh.  You even start thinking of snow, but decide it's a bad idea when you realize how bundled up you would need to be. 

Number Two:  This one ties directly to the first.  MY FREAKING AIR CONDITIONER BROKE!!  In 100 + heat no less.  What the heck?  Oh we got on the horn right away.  The contractors came with in the hour!  The GOOD news is:  the unit is out of FREON.  The BAD news??  Oh well that would be:  the compressor is leaking out of the electrical terminal.  So NOW I get to wait and see what insurance will do for us.  And because of code changes I may or may not have expenses out of pocket.  Well hey now...I haven't had the house that long.  When were these code changes made.  Stupid CA codes. 

I complain a lot.  But this time it is for a good reason. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Blue Meanies

Do you know who The Blue Meanies are?   Or are you thinking I have finally gone off the deep end?  For those of you who know who The Blue Meanies are, I made some "special" brownies for you to feast upon.  But don't eat them all.  I mean the youngsters need to experience The Blue Meanies the right way!

The Blue Meanies is an army of sorts of Blue...Blue....well they are blue and they are mean.  They are out to destroy Pepperland! They turn it into an oppressed land with no music.  No peace and no joy.  When the Beatles come back they find their instruments and peace, harmony and MUSIC is restored in Pepperland.  It's a far out crazy trip.  I remember watching it at least once or twice when it was the movie of the weekend.  I am too young to have experienced it.  But I am old enough to know what it is!  So here is a little taste of those Blue Meanies to go with those special brownies.

Jenny Matlock

DISCLAIMER:  I have never made or eaten funny brownies.



Now is a good time to play Two Truths and a Lie!  I say that since the brownies are all gone and you all look really happy to be here!  

Last week I told you that I once sneaked a friend in the house to spend the night.  Indeed I did.  I wasn't going to take no for an answer. I had her set up in our "Fort" in the family room.  It was more of an enclosed patio.  Cool fort though.  Oh yeah I got busted.  My mom let my friend sleep in my room but she was sent home bright and early next morning and I was read the riot act and no sleepovers for about a month!

I once walked to my BFF's house, sans shoes the whole seven miles.  Sadly, I was really once that stupid.  I was mad about something.  Who knows what.  Mom was at work.  It took me about 2 hours to get there.  I was there all of ten minutes before my mom arrived.  Oooh she was mad at me!  I was taken home.  I am sure I got grounded for that one.  I don't remember though.  My feet were a mess.  That is what I remember.

I once hitchhiked to get to the mall.  Are you freaking kidding me!?  NO WAY!!  And no one ever should.  Ever.  Period.  I was however offered rides more than once by creepy guys.  I would make stuff up.  "I live over there."  Lie about my name.  One guy kept following me.  I turned down a corner like I was headed home.  I think I hid somewhere and then went a different way to get home.

Now...with surgery being a hot topic in our home...I thought I would have that be my topic of truths and lies.

1.  I have had a laparoscopy 
2.  I have had two endoscopies
3.  I have had my tonsils removed.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Rebel With A Cause

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.  It's true.  And if you don't believe me, then sit back and read this guest post from none other than my mother!  Remember when I said I knew someone who led a protest?  Well, here she her own words. 

Typical American Teens (taken from my mother's year book)

                            WHEN IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE

We were not our parents.  It was time for a change.  That is when my friends and I decided it was time for a revolt.  We did not want to wear dresses to school.  We wanted to wear pants and tops.  Not skirts and blouses.  So we put together a plan.  We would have as many of the junior class as possible come to school dressed different.  The girls in pants and T-shirts or what would become sweat shirts.  The guys jeans and sweats or T’s.

I am not sure how we managed this.  There were no cell phones, computers or any electronic way to pass the word.  I guess land phones may have been used.  It would have been mostly word of mouth and notes,

It was set for a Tuesday, why would I remember that? As I entered the school I am sure I was hoping my classmates were dressed like me. They were.  It was a big success.  More than 50% would be my guess, of the class came dressed OUR way that day.  We did go a little extreme…grungy or “beatnik”  Like Maynard G. Krebs, on Dobie Gilles. 

Did we get in trouble?  Yes. We were all sent to the gym for a lecture and were told to go home and change.  Yeah right! Like I was going to walk 12 miles so I could put on a dress.  Some kids went home.  Not me.  I was proud of my challenge to the authority figures in front of me.  Was it worth it?  Yes.  Was it the beginning of a change in what could be worn to school?  We like to think so. 

So what did you do when it was time for a change?
Now show my mom some bloggy love!  Special thanks to Emmy for planting the seed for this post.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


When does my baby decide to poop? When I am putting him in his carseat to go pick up his brother and sister of course!
Can someone tell my daughter that when the lights go out it means stop making noise and I would love to see your sweet face in 8 hours, not 8 mins.
You're only young once. After that, you need some other excuse for acting like an idiot.

Today that screaming kid at the store was mine.  My apologies.
I just hiccuped, and oddly enough, it sounded like an angry gorilla.
Yay for late mornings...just wish I'd been doing something more fun than sitting on the side of the interstate with a flat tire.
Only 1/2 a day off this week. Coulda cleaned house, but WAY more fun to play Barbies with my girl!
ewwww I just had a toe squishing experience with the biggest toad!


Monday, August 23, 2010

How Much is Too Much?

School has been in session for exactly 8 days.  Three glorious days were homework free.  Five if you count the weekend.  Then last Monday, homework began.  I hated homework when I was in school, and I can honestly say I hate it even more now. The battles, the tears, the sweat, the lack of remembering.  And that is just me!

The rule of thumb is supposed to be:  ten minutes of homework for each grade level.  1st grade students should have ten minutes of homework while the 8th grade student should have 80 minutes.  Well sometimes, one assignment can take the better portion of that time, and you are left with little or no "time" for the remainder of the homework.

Another problem I have had is:  "That's not how (teacher's name) tells us to do it?  Seriously?  Does it really matter how the problem is solved if the outcome is the same?  And additionally, I am lost with most of the math once you start going beyond the basics.  An essay and research I can do.  Math...well...I think they need tutors. 

It just seems that there is more and more homework.  That they are being force fed a tremendous amount of information and then in 7 months are required to regurgitate it through state testing. But I am not getting into that(at this time) I will save it for later.  No, I am talking about homework, projects, reports and the like. How much is too much?  Especially if you have more than one in school.  I have three officially in school.  How do you handle it?  Should it be down-sized?  If so, by how much?  What is a reasonable amount of homework?