Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Blue Meanies

Do you know who The Blue Meanies are?   Or are you thinking I have finally gone off the deep end?  For those of you who know who The Blue Meanies are, I made some "special" brownies for you to feast upon.  But don't eat them all.  I mean the youngsters need to experience The Blue Meanies the right way!

The Blue Meanies is an army of sorts of Blue...Blue....well they are blue and they are mean.  They are out to destroy Pepperland! They turn it into an oppressed land with no music.  No peace and no joy.  When the Beatles come back they find their instruments and peace, harmony and MUSIC is restored in Pepperland.  It's a far out crazy trip.  I remember watching it at least once or twice when it was the movie of the weekend.  I am too young to have experienced it.  But I am old enough to know what it is!  So here is a little taste of those Blue Meanies to go with those special brownies.

Jenny Matlock

DISCLAIMER:  I have never made or eaten funny brownies.



Now is a good time to play Two Truths and a Lie!  I say that since the brownies are all gone and you all look really happy to be here!  

Last week I told you that I once sneaked a friend in the house to spend the night.  Indeed I did.  I wasn't going to take no for an answer. I had her set up in our "Fort" in the family room.  It was more of an enclosed patio.  Cool fort though.  Oh yeah I got busted.  My mom let my friend sleep in my room but she was sent home bright and early next morning and I was read the riot act and no sleepovers for about a month!

I once walked to my BFF's house, sans shoes the whole seven miles.  Sadly, I was really once that stupid.  I was mad about something.  Who knows what.  Mom was at work.  It took me about 2 hours to get there.  I was there all of ten minutes before my mom arrived.  Oooh she was mad at me!  I was taken home.  I am sure I got grounded for that one.  I don't remember though.  My feet were a mess.  That is what I remember.

I once hitchhiked to get to the mall.  Are you freaking kidding me!?  NO WAY!!  And no one ever should.  Ever.  Period.  I was however offered rides more than once by creepy guys.  I would make stuff up.  "I live over there."  Lie about my name.  One guy kept following me.  I turned down a corner like I was headed home.  I think I hid somewhere and then went a different way to get home.

Now...with surgery being a hot topic in our home...I thought I would have that be my topic of truths and lies.

1.  I have had a laparoscopy 
2.  I have had two endoscopies
3.  I have had my tonsils removed.


blueviolet said...

You were kind of a risk taker, you little rebel!

You still have your tonsils, right?

The Drama Mama said...

No linky? LOL. I've got mine up. ;)

I'm going to say you still have your tonsils, and #3 is your lie.

Emmy said...

Okay that video was just wrong, i think I am going to have nightmares.

My guess is the tonsils also.

Sue said...

I remember the blue meanies very well!


Linda Medrano said...

I think they took your tonsils. And I said you were too smart to hitchhike! LOL!

Together We Save said...

Oh my... those blue meanies are scary!!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I so enjoy these truth and lies. The meanies do look scary.

Joy said...

I have never seen the blue meanies before. You were brave! I have never hitchhiked or tried to sneak a friend over. I think #3 is the lie.

mormonhermitmom said...

Oh, I remember those meanies. The whole movie was just too weird for me.

Christy said...

didn't know who the meanies were before this...and not quite sure i understand who they are now!!;)
i think the lie is your tonsils!

Brenda said...

Well I am old enough. Went to see the Yellow Submarine at the theater as soon as it played in our small town. Think I took my younger siblings with me. Too funny I forgot about the blue meanies.

LambAround said...

Do I believe your disclaimer? No, no I do not :p
Blue Meanies remind me of Hephalumps and Woozles, which probably pins my age pretty well!

Susan said...

I was right!!
and my daughter left the house in slippers and PJ's in the rain at the age of 15 and walked almost 15 miles to one of her friend's houses. we thought she was up in the barn/garage watching to see what we did after she left (as she had done that before) I did nothing for A BIT, then I got in the car with the high beams on and drove up the hill and shines the lights into the barn. she was not there. I called all 3 police dept.s between our home and her friend's just to give them the heads up, and sure enough the town the friend lived in, cops picked her up and called me. I told them take her to her friends, frankly I was tired of her drama.

I think you STILL have your tonsils.


Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

Stopping by from Rainbow Blue summer school! I have never heard or seen the Blue Meanies!!

I have no clue which is the lie so I will say tonsils like everyone else!

Holly said...

I am trying to remember the blue meanies...

I vote for the tonsils!

At least you learned from your many don't.

Jo said...

i know the blue meanies well.

Jingle said...

brave take,
thanks for sharing!
have a blessing weekend.

easternsparkle said...

I'd forgotten about the blue meanies - and I am old enough to remember!

Jenny said...

I don't remember the blue meanies!

But my vote is for the tonsils!

You always make me smile, sweet girl.

Thanks for a fun stop on our little journey through Rainbow Summer School's color BLUE!