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Friday Friday

Hey, I am really exicted this week, because not only am I linking up with my bestie but I am also hosting with her.  If you check out Emmy's blog you will see the questions she asked me.  Otherwise you will never know what my favorite super power would be.

1.  Spring break started off with a bang.  Ryan got real sick.  He was fine and them BAM!  He spiked a fever and went down.  He counted each time he threw up...I'm not talking episode, I'm talking every. single. time.  It was TEN!  Poor baby.
2.  We watched THOR the Dark World.  His choice.  What?  He has to twist my arm?  
3.  I'm taking a history class now, and my final report is going to be on women in history.  I am super excited about it.  We rock.  It started with EVE!
4.  I have lost 8. 6 pounds.  it has not been easy, but now people are noticing.  I better keep it up!
5.  Is anyone going to see Captian America: The Winter Soldier?  I am looking forward to it.  When did I become such a geek anyway?  

Smiled In March

I have ten things that made me smile, even in the roughest of times.  I am linking up with my bestie Emmy today for what made me smile in March.

1.  I'm kind of a stinker at times.  Kristin has a phone cover with Tom Hiddleston and I have one with Loki.  (Shocking I know)  During her show, I switched the cases.  It took her a full day to figure out I had done that.  It was a week before we switched, because Loki had grown on her.  He does that. 
2.  I learned a new word:  ameliroate.  I feel it is unnecessary to use it in a sentence since learning a new word is improvement enough.  ;)
3.  Getting this picture of Kristin and Emily without their knowledge.
4.  Ryan pretending a hammer is actually Mjolnir....(He wasn't worthy...but yeah, he's more Thor than Loki!)
5.  Getting to see my Bestie.  Oh it had been too long!
6. It rained a lot in the beginning of the month.  We needed it.  We still do.  I am happy with what we got.
7.  School performances like these make my heart happy. 8…