Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Friday

Hey, I am really exicted this week, because not only am I linking up with my bestie but I am also hosting with her.  If you check out Emmy's blog you will see the questions she asked me.  Otherwise you will never know what my favorite super power would be.

Emmy Mom

1.  Spring break started off with a bang.  Ryan got real sick.  He was fine and them BAM!  He spiked a fever and went down.  He counted each time he threw up...I'm not talking episode, I'm talking every. single. time.  It was TEN!  Poor baby.

2.  We watched THOR the Dark World.  His choice.  What?  He has to twist my arm?  

3.  I'm taking a history class now, and my final report is going to be on women in history.  I am super excited about it.  We rock.  It started with EVE!

4.  I have lost 8. 6 pounds.  it has not been easy, but now people are noticing.  I better keep it up!

5.  Is anyone going to see Captian America: The Winter Soldier?  I am looking forward to it.  When did I become such a geek anyway?  

Ryan on pathetic is this?  He is finally doing better, but now his throat hurts and he is all squeaky!

This is Clara Barton...she established the Red Cross during the Civil War.  Not only that, but she helped find missing soldiers and marked graves.  She worked under the direction of President Lincoln.  I am a "Barton."  Am I related?  Who knows?  It would be sooo cool!  

One of my all time favorite Easter funnies

We watched the lil' guy and this was us watching Frozen.  Do you just love this movie???
My cover photo on FB because Olaf is so adorable!  "I don't have a skull, or bones!"

Now it's your turn to share 5 thoughts and 5 pictures.


Emmy said...

I do love Frozen, very cute movie. Poor Ryan seriously what a way to start spring break! good thing you have a really long one so he will actually be able to enjoy some of it.

Haven't you always been a geek? ;)

Thank you so much for co-hosting with me this week.

Katherine P said...

Congrats on the 8lbs! That's a great accomplishment. Poor guy being sick on spring break. That's the worst. Can you believe I haven't seen Frozen yet? I think I'm the only person who hasn't. We're watching Star Wars on repeat right now and the Tornado shows zero interest in Frozen.

Nicole said...

Congrats on your 8 lbs. I think I gained it for you :). lol. I've never seen Frozen but a lot of people have been talking about it lately!

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