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I'm Really A Neat Freak

I am a total neat freak.  And I have a come a long way.  I am no longer concerned with order and neatness.  I can finally let things go.  In other words, my house is messy.  But I have kids.  And a husband who is more pack rat than I am.  And that is saying something.I am looking forward to getting my new glasses.  I will be able to see better.  Seeing is awesome. I do have little quirks though.  I have two sets of plates.  They can't be mixed.  They have to be with their friends.  When I am lucky enough to have cash in my wallet, the bills must be in sequential order and all facing the same direction.I fold my towels a specific way.  The bath towels are folded in thirds, the hand towels are folded in half lengthwise and then in half again--this way it is ready to hang straight from the cupboard.  I load the dishwasher a specific way.  I think we all do this.  But let's face it, all dish washers are not created equal and therefore require a special pattern for the assembly of …

Get Your Vlog On...

Remember earlier this week when I mentioned I would be participating in VLOG link up?  No?  Well let me refresh your memory.  Earlier this week, I mentioned I would be doing a VLOG link up with Mamarazzi and Seriously Shawn.  Why is it when we do this we feel all awkward and weird?  Oh, that's just me?  Okay.  So what are you waiting for?  Click that play button

How about you?  Will you get your VLOG on?

Dancing with the Stars Season 12

Did you hear me scream last night?  Can you feel my excitement.  This is the one reality show I really get into.  I have been watching since season 2.  And this will be my third time of recapping and reviewing.  I have a lot of fun doing it.  I must because I sure as heck don't do it for the money! 
Chelsea Kane.  A Disney darling.  She has been in Jonas Brothers L.A., Voices a character on FISH HOOKS and has been in a few Disney original movies.  I believe she is the youngest in the bunch.  She will pull the younger vote for sure.  I have no idea what to expect from her at this point.  She is paired with Mark Ballas.  He is sweet and a good teacher.  I see a good match here.

Chris Jericho, a 6 time WWE world champion.  A wrestler!  Now that to me is interesting.  He definitely will have the physicality for the dance, but will he have the musicality?  With Cheryl Burke as his partner she will make sure that musicality comes through.  If she can get him to stop clowning around.
Hines …


Originally this post was going to be a VLOG and I was going to hook up with Mamarazzi and Seriously Shawn.   And I am going to.  Just not today. Now don't let that stop you from playing along!  I am going to...soon.  Today I was going to talk about...DANCING WITH THE STARS....Yeah it is coming.  I know the cast, and I am sure you do by now, but the partners haven't been I type.  As you read, however, they will be.  So I decided to bump it one more day.  Today I am going to talk about things that made me happy in February...

1.  Pink goodness
2.  Fun visitors 3.  Valentine's Surprises

4.  A special birthday
5.  Warm Weather

6.  Duck Pond Visits

7.  Sugar cookies


Before and after pictures of a cute boy

9.  Discovering (thanks Mom) The Monkees are on each weekend night.  Ahhh memories!
10.  February marks two years for blogging for me!!!  This is exciting.  I have gained followers and I stick to it.  Now that is something to smile about!
Come back tomorrow for my Da…

On The Red Carpet...

Did you watch last night?  Did your choice win?  Was it even nominated?  Did you see the movie(s) that WERE nominated?  I think I saw one or two.  But that is not what it is all about is it?  No way!  It's about who wore what.  Was it beautiful?  Hideous?  Or just plain bizarre!?  Let's start with the  Ann Hathaway.

She truly is lovely.  And she has the best comedic timing.  I enjoyed her throughout the show.  This dress is okay.  Too much poof.  And the girl has a nice figure why hide it?  Her wardrobe throughout was much better.  
Hailee Steinfeld
Isn't she adorable?  She looks absolutely charming and lovely in her dress.  It's perfect for her age. (she is 14)
Jennifer Lawrence
Simple beautiful and whoah baby!  I wish I could pull that off!
Melissa Leo--Best Actress in a supporting role
Some where in some small town in a little old house, there is a little old lady wondering what in the world happened to all of her doilies.
Mila Kunis
She is a beautiful …