Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dancing with the Stars Season 12

Did you hear me scream last night?  Can you feel my excitement.  This is the one reality show I really get into.  I have been watching since season 2.  And this will be my third time of recapping and reviewing.  I have a lot of fun doing it.  I must because I sure as heck don't do it for the money! 

Chelsea Kane.  A Disney darling.  She has been in Jonas Brothers L.A., Voices a character on FISH HOOKS and has been in a few Disney original movies.  I believe she is the youngest in the bunch.  She will pull the younger vote for sure.  I have no idea what to expect from her at this point.  She is paired with Mark Ballas.  He is sweet and a good teacher.  I see a good match here.

Chris Jericho, a 6 time WWE world champion.  A wrestler!  Now that to me is interesting.  He definitely will have the physicality for the dance, but will he have the musicality?  With Cheryl Burke as his partner she will make sure that musicality comes through.  If she can get him to stop clowning around.

Hines Ward.  Ummm.....anybody?  Okay I am kidding.  Really.  Steelers wide receiver and Super Bowl Champ.  I love the football players.  They always surprise me...well okay...not ALWAYS.  But I have been pleasantly surprised by most of them.  How about it Hines?  Kym Johnson seems to always get the athletes.  Perhaps it is her height.  She's a good dancer and usually makes the boys shine.

Kendra Wilkinson.... a Bunny.  From The Girls Next Door.  She calls herself a Tom Boy.  Hmmm... I watched the press conference.  She seemed very girlie to me.  She will definitely win the male vote.  But can she dance?  Remember it's about dancing guys.  Really.  Kendra is paired with Louis Van Amstel.  He is a good match for her.  He is kind and gentle with his students.

Kirstie Alley.  You either love her or you don't.  I think she is great.  She is eccentric, funny, and has risen above time and time again for her weighty issues.  She is the oldest in the group.  In the press conference she said her partner calls her "G" as in "Grandma."  She said she calls him "M" as in "Mean."  Bring it, Kirstie!  Is it any surprise that she is paired with Maks Chmerkovskiy.  He is a bit ornery at times.  I think she will give him a run for his money!

Mike Catherwood aka Psycho Mike.  A deejay on the "Frank and Bean Show." on L.A.'s KROQ.  Well I don't listen to KROQ....anymore.  I think I was 17 or 18 the last time I listened to that station.  But I did have the pleasure of hearing him in the press conference.  He definitely has the perfect radio voice.  And feels the votes will go to others over him since people don't really know him.  That and the fact that he is going to get a lot of ribbing for being on the show. Lacey Schwimmer is his partner.  A perfect fit.  Yeah, they know what they're doing!  She is edgy and funky.  I think they will have some fun and good dances.

Petra Nemcova is a super model.  We have had them before.  One of them went on to co-host with Tom Bergeron.  (Brooke Burke).  But Petra is a survivor of the 2004 tsunami in Thailand.  She suffered many injuries including a broken pelvis.  I think her story will be interesting as it unfolds over the next few weeks.  A dancer?  Maybe.  Dmitry Chaplin is a good teacher too.  What I can't remember is how tall he is.  I mean come on, she's a super model!

When I first saw this face, my thoughts were, "Wow he is cute.  Who is this?"  Scroll down to see the name.  A double take.  RALPH MACCHIO.  As in The Karate Kid?  As in the very same Ralph Macchio who adorned my walls for 3 years.  The very same.  He did some dancing as a kid.  Nothing formal.  But I am interested to see what he can do.  And if you are wondering...he will be 49 this year.  Yeah. Karina Smirnoff is Ralph's partner.  She is fiercely competitive, but she also knows how to bring out a stars performance level!  

Romeo...aka Lil' Romeo.  He was actually slated to be on the show in Season 2, but due to an injury he was not able. His father Master P stepped in and filled his shoes. But now he is back and ready to go.  A lot of people think singers/rappers have an edge in dancing.  I disagree.  They do have edge, but not in dancing.  It is in performing. Chelsie Hightower is his partner.  She is young and tough.  I think she will keep him line.

Sugar Ray Leonard.  Does he really need an introduction?  A boxing champ and a legend.  Will he have rhythm on the dance floor? He is paired with Anna Trebunskaya.  She made the finals last season can she bring Sugar that far?

Wendy Williams.  A New York talk show host.  Who also just happens to be an Amazon!  She is very excited about the costumes and wigs, but scared to death of the dancing.  She is paired with Tony Dovolani.  Again, I don't remember how tall he is.  Should be interesting.  He's good though.

March 21 is the season opener.  A 2 hour event!  8PM to 10PM on ABC.  Check your local listings. 

If you could pick one celebrity to be on the show who would it be?  I personally would love to see Scott Bakula!

Photos from ABC


Nicole said...

I want Rachael Ray on there at some point!!! And this seasons cast really doesn't impress me at all :(

Nicole said...

oh and on a side note... I've watched since the 2nd season as well :)

Emmy said...

I would love for Reese Witherspoon to be on, I just really like her.

Blogging Loulasway said...

This will be my first season that I will do my best to watch from beginning to end....I watched a few episodes here and there with my mom as this is her favorite show...I am looking forward to seeing Ralph Macchio and it shouldn't be to hard for me to pull the hubby in :o)
Thanks for the highlights Great Post

mormonhermitmom said...

If they ever get Sean Connery or Patrick Stewart on there, I'll watch that season. Otherwise I'll look forward to your reporting of Macchio, Alley and Leonard.

MiMi said...

WHAT?! I didn't recognize Ralph either!
And you know what? I bet Chris Jericho is good. LOL

MiMi said...

Maks is gonna HATE christie.

Trooper Thorn said...

Let me know when John Goodman is on. Now that's entertainment!

blueviolet said...

I'm not that excited about who will be on this year, but I think Kirstie and Maks are going to be entertaining because they will CLASH!

Linda Medrano said...

I'll get the details from you Darlin. I can't take one more addiction!

Krissy said...

woot ralph iz on there!

Lene said...

I will be cheering for Ralph. As soon as I saw his picture I was immediately taken back to the teen-age crush I had on him.