Friday, July 6, 2012

First Beach Trip 2012

Growing up, this CA Girl lived a whopping ten miles from the beach.  There were countless beach trips in my childhood and teen years.  I loved the beach.  I still do.  I don't even mind "stealing the beach."  The amount of sand you take home in your suit.

Living where I do now, going to the beach is something to be carefully planned, and also not a regular thing.  We all love it though.  So instead of going on the 4th of July like all the other crazy people did, we went the next day.

The top left picture shows a bridge we pass under on the way to the beach.  It's been there as long as I can remember.  I think it is so interesting.  Emily didn't want her picture taken, but I was sneaky.  Kristin and her bestie were all too happy to pose.  Ryan was too into LILO & STITCH too care.  Why oh why am I jeans at the beach????  Because it was only 64 degrees.  Brrrr.  Surprisingly, the water was warm, but the air was not.

Rich and I were wimps.  We cuddled under the blanket.  The kids, however, braved it.

All in all fun was had by the most important people in the journey.  We would have stayed longer if it didn't start getting colder and then there is traffic to contend with.

Just look at that boy's lashes!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Don't Tread On Me...

When we first moved to our CA home five years ago(it will be officially 5 on my birthday!), our neighborhood was quiet.  Almost tumbleweed quiet.  I remember having pangs of guilt when my kids would play outside.  They are noisy.  But then, kids are supposed to be noisy right?  And no one ever said anything to me.  It was great.  My kids were allowed to be noisy and play.  They loved it, and I loved it.  There was one thing missing.  More kids.  My street was sadly lacking children.  My kids were happy and fine, but I wanted kids on the street.  Then last year, a family moved in and I got my wish....

This family has three children ages 9, 7 and soon to be 5(now).  At first I welcomed them over because it meant kids could play together.  But soon it was a habit, and a bad one.  The mom would say my kids could come over to her house too, but it never seemed to happen.  My food was being eaten, juice was being drunk, and I was growing tired of being the babysitter.  I decided they could only play outside and have water for drinks.  I felt mean at first, but after a while it didn't matter because as it turned out, the older two of the kids are trouble makers and put the blame on Ryan many times.  It was a lot of drama and I finally squashed it.

Another family moved in across the street just a few months ago, and they have two children.  The grandparents live next door.  Pretty nice set up right?  Sure.  They are all friends with the family of the three kids I just talked about.  Ryan likes to play with the son of the family across street from us.  Sometimes drama results, but that is usually if the other 3 are there.

A couple of weeks ago, I was ambushed.  My kids and I were just hanging out and goofing around while I did lunch dishes when someone came to the door.  Figuring it was one of the kids, I let Ryan answer.  He came back telling me it was a lady with "yellow pages."  Confused by this statement, I quickly dried my hands and went to the door.  The lady in question was from Child Protective Services.  It seems one of my neighbors felt it necessary to call CPS rather than reach out to me in their great concern.  Here are the complaints they are claiming:

1.  My house is very cluttered and you can not move through out it This amazes is as they have never set foot in my house. Literally none of my neighbors have been inside.
2.  I am gone all the time.  Do they keep a log of this?
3.  I sleep all day.  Okay first, am I gone all the time, or do I sleep?  Which is it?  And How do they know this?
4.  The children are left unsupervised.  I have a daughter who will be 15 and another who is 12.  Nough said.
5.  A complaint was made about Emily's teeth and gums being dirty and swollen...ummmm what are you doing looking at my child's teeth you creeper!
6.  Ryan was seen chasing kids with golf clubs.  Ummmm no he and 3 other boys were playing with them and I took them away before anyone got hurt.
7.  The house smells like cat pee again, how do they know???

I was blind-sided, sucker-punched, blatantly attacked.  For what point and purpose?  I cried over it.  What did I do wrong? (to the neighbors).  I know I am none of those charges.  But now it is something they can say and use.  Oh don't let your kids play there.  CPS was called on her!  And here's why...and they will have the inside scoop because they are the ones who did it.  But now I am raising my flag...not a white one....

The joke is on them...the social worker practically scoffed at the charges when she walked into my house that was and remains clean.  Does not smell like pee of any kind.  Being an intelligent person, she understands that I can leave my daughters in charge of my son.  She also said herself, that they are kids and should be playing outside (another charge listed was that they play outside unsupervised) Well, hello lame-o neighbor, the entire street does!!!  So, sorry whomever is behind this plot, but you lost.  And do not tread on me.  I do not wish to play offense.  I wish to love my neighbors.  And I will do my best to do so.  That is what I have been taught.  But don't tread on me.  I am building a wall, and you know not what is behind it.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Photo A Day June

Are you on Instagram?  Do you have a smart phone or iPad?  This is an app that makes picture taking lots of fun.  And then there are challenges presented by users each month to make it even more fun!  I participated with FATMUMSLIM and her "Photo-a-day" challenge for June.  And now, I am linking up with Emmymom and Janette to show you some of the pictures I took.

The Left side top to bottom:  My Mornings:  at that time it was driving and lots of it.  Taking kids to school and Rich to work.  2.  Close up:  our cat's eye.  No easy task, but I got him.  3.  6 o'clock.  It was six at night and the kids were having a water balloon fight.  The Right side:  The weekend overall:  Water balloon fight, Ryan got his fan page(I control it) pool party. Last:  Low Angle:  Ryan builds an army for battle

Left to right (top)  Yellow:  A yellow rose in my mom's yard, 2.  Your favorite picture:  this one speaks volumes but if you want the story go here.  3.  Sometime I sleep in my chair.
Bottom row:  On your mind:  My dream car, isn't he purdy!  and Cute.

Top:  1.  Bathroom:  do you love my son's decorating skills?  Watch out Ty Pennington!  2.  Soft:  Hair extensions for Emily were very soft.
Bottom:  Shelf:  A favorite picture of mine:  My grandparents in their youth.  And last:  Friend:  this one "puts up with and loves me every day!"

If you want to participate with FATMUMSLIM and her July challenge, you can follow her on Instagram.  Also here is the month July at a glance:
Did you participate in June?  If so, we would love to see what you did.  Link up!!!