Monday, July 2, 2012

Photo A Day June

Are you on Instagram?  Do you have a smart phone or iPad?  This is an app that makes picture taking lots of fun.  And then there are challenges presented by users each month to make it even more fun!  I participated with FATMUMSLIM and her "Photo-a-day" challenge for June.  And now, I am linking up with Emmymom and Janette to show you some of the pictures I took.

The Left side top to bottom:  My Mornings:  at that time it was driving and lots of it.  Taking kids to school and Rich to work.  2.  Close up:  our cat's eye.  No easy task, but I got him.  3.  6 o'clock.  It was six at night and the kids were having a water balloon fight.  The Right side:  The weekend overall:  Water balloon fight, Ryan got his fan page(I control it) pool party. Last:  Low Angle:  Ryan builds an army for battle

Left to right (top)  Yellow:  A yellow rose in my mom's yard, 2.  Your favorite picture:  this one speaks volumes but if you want the story go here.  3.  Sometime I sleep in my chair.
Bottom row:  On your mind:  My dream car, isn't he purdy!  and Cute.

Top:  1.  Bathroom:  do you love my son's decorating skills?  Watch out Ty Pennington!  2.  Soft:  Hair extensions for Emily were very soft.
Bottom:  Shelf:  A favorite picture of mine:  My grandparents in their youth.  And last:  Friend:  this one "puts up with and loves me every day!"

If you want to participate with FATMUMSLIM and her July challenge, you can follow her on Instagram.  Also here is the month July at a glance:
Did you participate in June?  If so, we would love to see what you did.  Link up!!!


Emmy said...

Yea!! Loved your recap. Oh and I will add your link for you :)

Fun collages! And yes that duck pond picture will go down in history.

I do love instagram, so fun!

MiMi said...

I always love looking at photos like that!

Janette Johanson said...

What a great collection!! These seem to be a tad easier and less stress to post and i love seeing instant pictures from all around!! hugs!

Nicole said...

haha I missed like 3 days toward the end of the month :)

becca said...

i have instagram but mine doesn't do all the fancy stuff everyone else does

Felicia-Go Graham Go! said...

Those photo challenges are the best! I did the one in March and learned a lot!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I'm not sure I'd remember to take a photo every day. You're good!

Those hair extensions were pretty neat!

Christina Lee said...

I keep meaning to be!! Thanks for reminding me!