Friday, March 12, 2010

A Birthday

Yesterday was Rich's birthday.  I had to wait til the last minute to go shopping, because I had to make sure there were "sufficient funds."  We went to Wally.  Good old trusty Wally.  I swear they pump something through the vents to make you spend more money.  I found a shorts outfit for Ryan.  He really does need new clothes.  The outfit was $6.  Don't you wish you could buy a NEW outfit for SIX dollars.  Next I grabbed some black socks for Rich.  Cool gift, right?  Really he has been needing them for a while now.  So I sprung for the nicer kind.  It was his birthday after all.  Then we moved on.  I got him some pens. Do I know my man or what!?  Then I went for what I really came to get.  A prepaid game card for World of War Craft.  Yeah he's a geeky gamer, but he's my geeky gamer.  

Of course the trip wouldn't be complete without a car--actually a motorcycle guy--for Ryan.  And since he got clothes, the girls got something too.  My mom and I split the cost of the game card otherwise I don't think anybody would have gotten clothes.  

When I got home, I made the cake.  I used diet coke instead of oil and water.  The cake plumped up nicely and is super tasty.  I kept the eggs in it.  I made Rich polish sausage for dinner--low fat of course.  And then we opened up presents.  
Play time!

All in all, it was a nice little celebration.  March is actually a big month for birthday in this family.   I know there are at least six this month!


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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring in DC

It's Thursday, which means it is time for Mama Kat's Writers Workshop.

 We lived in VA for 5 and a half years.  Rich worked in DC in three different departments during our time there.  When we first came to the DC area it was winter.  Everything was brown, and dead.  It was miserably cold.  This CA Girl did not know cold until she lived there.  I know cold.  Cold and I are not good friends.  I was devastated by my new surroundings.  What had I done?  I was the one who encouraged my husband to sign up for the opening of Homeland Security.  It would present a lot of great opportunities, I said.  What was I thinking??  Dragging myself 3,000 miles from the home I love.  And yet, there I was in the most desolate place I had ever laid eyes on.

A few weeks later, something amazing happened.  Something I had never seen in all my years.  All of a sudden things were coming to life.  The trees had leaves, and some had flowers.  It was literally "springing" to life right before my eyes.  See, in Southern CA it's not that there are no blooms.  There are many.  And the trees are green, but there are only two seasons here:  summer and not summer.  There are no real distinctions.  Not like this.

Also, living in the DC we were right next door(practically) to the Cherry Blossom festival.  In our five and a years there, we only attempted to go once.  I say attempted because the year we went, it was bitterly cold.  Kristin would have been six and Emily 3.  We got there in good time, and after we oriented ourselves upon exciting the Metro station, we began our trek in the city.  However, it was bitterly cold.  It was about 20 degrees outside with a windchill factor of about 10.  It was hurtin' cold.  The girls were crying and we were miserable.  So without ever actually going, we did an about face, and headed home. 

At home, we had our own festival.  We had a picnic in the comfort of our nice warm living room.  The girls made their own cherry trees with construction paper and pom poms.  And we took a short walk around our own neighborhood to look at the blooming trees

 Making Cherry Trees

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dancing With The Stars


It starts next week!  I am so excited.  If you don't watch, let me take this moment to draw you in.   You need to know it is premiering on March 22nd at 8PM on ABC.  The first show is 2 hours, so get the kids to bed early, walk the dog whatever it is you need to do.  You don't want to DVR because you will want to VOTE!  You can vote by phone, internet, and text.  Good now we have the rules in place, let's meet the dancers and their celebrity partners!

Shannen Doherty & Mark Ballas
Shannen Doherty...90210's bad girl.  Not that I watched.  A fellow alum from 90210--Jenny Garth was also on the show, but not with Mark Ballas.  He's a good partner.  Let's see how well Shannen follows his lead.

Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke

There have been many football players over the seasons, and most of them are surprisingly light on their feet.  Cheryl is an excellent dancer and teacher.  I see some potential here.

Neicey Nash & Louis van Amstel

Neicey Nash, hostess of "Clean House" on Style, could prove to be entertaining.  That is, if you can get past her voice.  She also has the curves required for the Latin dances.  Louis van Amstel is a great dancer.  It will be interesting to see how they work together.

 Evan Lysacek & Anna Trebunskaya

Olympic Gold NOW...Evan Lysacek is not taking any breaks.  He is being paired up with Anna Trebunskaya.  This is her second season with the show. Past Olympians have gone home with the Silver Ball, will he?

Kate(+ 8) Gosselin and  Tony Dovolani

Kate Gosselin mother of 8 and newly divorced, what better way to keep the spotlight on you than to try your hand...errr..feet at dancing.  She has a wonderful partner in Tony Dovolani. 

Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood

Pamela Anderson needs no introduction.  Her partner does.  He is brand new to the dance team this year.  I think her name and her chest will keep her on til at least week 5.  

Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough

Nicole Scherzinger of The PussyCat Dolls is partnered with perhaps the strongest dancer on the team.  Derek is an excellent teacher, and fabulous dancer.  If anyone can make a dancer out of someone, it is him.

Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovsky

Erin Andrews, sportscaster for ESPN--had no idea honestly--has a very intense and hard core partner in Maksim.   It looks like a good match so far.

Jake Pavelka and Chelsea Hightower
Jake "The Bachelor" Pavelka is not a last minute replacement like Melissa Rycroft was, and that is good.  Because even with energetic and spunky Chelsea Hightower as his partner, I am seeing an early departure here.

Buzz Aldrin and Ashley Costa

Buzz Aldrin is the oldest celebrity dancer to date.  Sorry Buzz, it is going to be said... a lot...get used to it.  He is also paired with a new comer.  I can only say it will be fun to see how the spaceman does.

Aiden Turner and Edyta Slivinska

What man wouldn't want Edyta's long leg wrapped around him?  She is an original dance member and is known for scanty costumes.  Her height makes a handicap for some of her partners, but Aiden looks plenty strong and cute.  This will keep him around for a while.

Along with new dancers in the show, we are also saying goodbye to Samantha Harris, the dimwitted co-host.  Her replacement former DWTS winner:  Brooke Burke.  I think this will be a good match to Tom Burgeron.  But I will miss poking fun at Samantha Harris.

Remember the first show is Monday March 22, at 8PM on ABC.  Check back next Tuesday for my first impression and prediction of the first elimination.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Did You Watch?

Did you watch The Academy Awards last night?  Of course you did!  We all watch and wait with baited breath to see...who is wearing whom!  And  then we get  to pick them  apart  piece by piece.  It may not be right,  but it sure is fun.  So  let's  begin...

Carey Mulligan
I love her hair!  It's so cute and pixie like.  Perhaps the earrings were a bit much, but the dress is lovely.  I would like to have seen less earring and maybe a simple necklace.  Overall tho, she looks lovely.

Diane Kruger
This dress is a mess.  I think it would be better if it simply flowed from the waist.  I do not like the separation of the dress and the way it cuts her up.  She has a nice shape and the designer ruined it...and the dress.
Miley Cyrus
Miley. Miley. Miley.  From the waist down, your dress is beautiful.  But then, you told the designer to stop before she finished.  My girls loved her dress, and while it was a far cry better than last years wedding cake disaster, I really think there should have been more coverage up top.  Maybe that is why she is slouching so badly.  She felt she would pop out if she stood tall and proud.

Anna Kendrick
Forgive me Anna, for I know not who you are, but I do like your dress.  It's lovely(I heart this word) but don't be shy, get bold!  Go bright!  I'm Anna Kendrick!  

Cameron Diaz
As Kristin said, "She looks nothing like an ogre!"  She looks fabulous.  Her hair is gorgeous, and her dress is glamorous.  

Charlize Theron
Yes, Charlize, we know.  You have breasts.  Thanks.  Epic Fail.

Demi Moore
Demi presented the in memory of portion of the Oscars.  I thought it was rather touching.  (I also loved the Brat Pack tribute to John Hughes!) I actually like 1/2 of her dress.  The bottom.  The top looks like something that goes on a mummy.  And another sloucher! Sigh.

Hellen Mirren
Class, style and elegance.  She oozes with all three in the best possible way.

J.Lo...ummm....there is a dress attached to your dress.  Pardon?  Seriously?  Wow.  Okay.  I still say it looks like a second dress.

Elisabetta Canalis
You are on the arm of perhaps one of THE most sexiest men alive, and you're wearing a dress that looks rumpled at best.  And don't get me started on the bust.  I'll go with you next year George.  I'll do you proud.  ;)

Meryl Streep
Class, elegance and beauty again!  She received some flack for "posing."  (The hand on the hip) and she is "Meryl Streep" she doesn't need to pose.  Well she is Meryl Streep and she can pose if she darn well wants to!  You are class and elegance!

Nicole Richie
Are you wearing an afghan?

Sandra Bullock
I love LOVE this dress.  And I love her hair.  She also received from flack for wearing it down.  I say it adds to the simplicity of her look.  She scored on the red carpet and with her win!  Way to go, Sandra!

I wanted to do sooo much more....if you want to see more you can go here.  I love to pick apart the celebs as they prance walk the red carpet.  Maybe it is because I don't get to tell a fabulous designer to make a dress especially for me.  Wouldn't that be grand?  Well I can't send you to any of their designers, but I can offer a giveaway for MikaRose!

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